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Best Healthy Namkeen Brands in India 2022

Love them or hate them, namkeens and sweets are imperative to our diet and culture. So who can resist the temptation to snack on some delightful salty namkeen with some flavorful masala chai? Isn’t it an evening well made? If you love your salty goodies, then you’re in luck! We at wellcurve have curated a special list of the 10 best namkeen brands that never compromise on quality. Read this article for our personal best namkeen brands in India recommendation.

Best Namkeen Brands

Top Namkeen Brands

Every foodie knows that namkeens are a must-have with some delightful chai (tea). After all, the tea’s saltiness and savory herbs complement each other perfectly. Unfortunately, choosing the best quality namkeen with the right quality and nutritional values is pretty challenging. But, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We have thoroughly analyzed each brand listed in our article and given them a fair rating. We can already hear your lips smacking in joy. So, let’s briefly look at some of the namkeen brands lists that we have curated.

Namkeen Brands in India

1. The Whole Truth

They have a catchy name and catchy packaging on their products. We assure you that you will reach for seconds when you will taste their delicious namkeens. The brand specializes in a wide range of namkeen to keep you on your toes!

Pros –

  1. They are experimenting in bringing new tastes and flavors to their customers.
  2. Unique packaging.
  3. Pocket-friendly pricing.
  4. Accurate nutritional information.

2. Wonderland Foods

They Started in 2012; they wholeheartedly believe in serving premium quality food products. However, they also let their customers enjoy healthy options like Jalapeno Makhana and Mint Chatpata Makhana and so many more. Isn’t it awesome? You’ve got taste and health covered with their delectable snacks.

Pros –

  1. Tasty yet healthy snacks.
  2. Offer a wide range of healthy, guilt-free options.
  3. Reusable packaging.
  4. Decent pricing
  5. 100 % Organic product.

3. Snackible

If you’re someone who loves variety in their namkeens, then this is the perfect brand for you. They truly have revolutionized the snacking industry by creating a delicate balance between taste and health. So, curb your mini mid-day hunger pangs with their delightful, flavorsome snacks.

Pros –

  1. Unique and delicious flavors.
  2. Wide range of products.
  3. Affordable subscription snacks box service.
  4. Healthy and organic products.

4. Omay Foods

Our exciting list of the best namkeen brands in India 2022 Omay Foods makes their rightful entry. Their snacks are healthy and oil-free! To avoid gaining extra calories while enjoying the taste. So get the best of both worlds with their superior quality snacks.

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Pros –

  1. Delicious and wide range of flavors. 
  2. Healthy products. 
  3. Affordable price. 
  4. Clean and sleek packaging.

5. Phalada Pure & Sure

They are a trusted name in the industry of pure and clean foods. They believe that everyone deserves clean and pesticides free food. All of their namkeens are authentic and taste fantastic. You will be smacking your lips in joy if you try their delicious namkeen a fair try.

Pros –

  1. 100 % natural and organic namkeens.
  2. Extensive range of products.
  3. Affordable products, delivered at your doorstep.

6. Matratva Organic

If you want to spice up your boring tea time, then Matratva Organic is here to rescue! Although their delicious namkeen will keep you on your toes, we assure you that their namkeen will surely delight your taste buds in wondrous ways! Moreover, their products contain no preservatives to stay fit and healthy.

Pros –

  1. All namkeens are preservatives-free.
  2. The packagings are easy to open.
  3. The products are pocket friendly.

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7. Flippies

Their motto, “Flip to healthy,” is quirky yet resonates with most of us. We all want to be fit and healthy, but munchies can get in the way of a healthier lifestyle. But don’t worry! Flippies have got you covered! They have a wide variety of premium healthy snacks to fill your tummy and keep you fit.

Pros –

  1. Wide varieties of healthy snacks.
  2. Easy to get, and affordable snacks.
  3. Get in taste and quality.

8. Organic Bites

On our salty like of best namkeen brands in India, we are here to shake things up with Organic bites. They are a trusted brand that has consistently delivered the best in quality and quantity. You will not be disappointed with their superb range of flavorsome namkeen. So, why not make your tea time extra fun with their namkeens?

Pros –

  1. Superior quality and quantity
  2. Great packaging
  3. Value for money
  4. Wide variety of flavors

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9. Organic Purify

If you are a health-conscious buff but still a snack lover, you need not shed sweat. This another entry on our list is also super healthy and will make your taste buds dance with pleasure. Organic purify’s namkeens will refine your taste buds with their salty goodness!

Pros –

  1. 100 % organic and excellent quality product.
  2. Excellent and attractive packaging.
  3. Massive range of yummy products
  4. Pocket-friendly price range.

10. Nourish Organics

As the name suggests, they will nourish your taste buds with their superior taste and premium quality products. You will be delighted and fascinated with their exceptional taste. So add unique magic to your mid-day tea time break with your friends with some nourish organic namkeens. We are sure it will make the time well spent!

Pros –

  1. Delicious flavor and healthy snacks.
  2. 100% organic products.
  3. Attractive and unique packaging.
  4. Decent and fair pricing.


Namkeens are a special part of any occasion. There are countless brands that manufacture namkeens, but not many capture the authenticity and the great quality that the customers are looking for. Hence, Wellcurve has extensively researched and curated a list of the top 10 best namkeen brands that will not disappoint you. We hope that you give them a try!

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