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Choose From These Healthy Snacks To Make A Mindful Switch In 2023

Snacks are an integral part of your food habits as they keep you full between meals. Every time the little hunger pangs knock your tummy, snacks come to your rescue. But most of the store-bought snacks are processed foods that contain a hefty amount of preservatives, oil, more and more added sugar, high-calorie index, etc. So, when you are doing everything to stay healthy, why are you letting your snacks ruin it for you? It’s time to make some changes and replace the snacks with some healthy changes. Here’s a list of healthy snacks that you can switch to in 2023. 

Healthy Snacks to Buy

1. Cookies

What is better than some cookies after meals as a dessert or in between meals as a snack to serve your sweet tooth? Cookies can be homemade with customized healthy ingredients or there is now a wide range of healthy cookies available to choose from. Most of these cookies are made with whole grains, contain no maida, are very little or zero added sugar, are low in carbs, and are high in nutrients as they are loaded with chocolate, dry fruits, and nuts. 

Low-carb: Many brands, especially Lo! Foods have brought low-carb cookies that have low maida and sugar content to fit this sweet treat into your diet plan.  

Nuts and seeds: Now cookies are loaded with the goodness of nuts and seeds to grab a place in your health regime. Open Secret, Nourish Organics has a variety of nuts and seeds cookies.

Whole grain: The use of whole grain in cookies has made them healthier and more filling as a snack. Nourish Organics’ Breakfast Oats Cookies or Snackible’s Chocolate Ragi cookies are a treat for your health.

2. Chips and Puffs

If you are on the verge of saying goodbye to your favorite chips, crackers, and puffs for all the unhealthy fats, high-calorie ingredients they contain, then a variety of healthy chips and puffs are now available for you to enjoy the crisp and cracks. The healthy chips or puffs are made by baking or vacuum frying with organic ingredients to avoid health hazards. 

Baked crackers: Baking means low oil intake and it saves you from all the unhealthy fats you consume through snacks. Monsoon Harvest offers a variety of baked crackers for snacking.

Vacuum fried chips and crisps: Made with real veggies and fruits, Snacks, Baggry’s, Snackible’s chips have a low oil content as they are made using a vacuum fried method. 

Superfood puffs: Made with superfood ingredients, puffs from Snackible or Fliipies are an absolute healthy treasure.

3. Indian Mixtures or Namkeens

Indian Mixtures or namkeens are the most loved snacks in Indian households for the crispy texture and the spicy flavorful tastes they bring. Even though namkeens are fried traditionally, some companies have introduced nutrient-rich ingredients and baked namkeens for healthy snacking options.

Makhanas: You can get a lot of flavor variation when you are getting makhanas. Snackible, Snackwise, Sattviko, Wonderland Foods have some of the best healthy makhanas to offer.

Navratan and Multigrain mix: Omay Foods and Poshtick’s namkeen mix are loaded with whole grains, healthy ingredients like ginger, cinnamon to provide you with a protein-rich snack.

4. Seeds

Edible seeds are considered superfoods as they are the powerhouse of essential nutrients and work wonders in boosting the immune system. 

Sunflower seeds: Healthy for the nervous system, sunflower seeds are vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and other nutrients. 

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are loaded with antioxidants, zinc, iron magnesium, and other nutrients to help your overall health.

Flax seeds: Being the healthiest edible seeds of all, flax seeds have the highest nutritional value to cure health problems like high cholesterol levels, diabetes, etc.

Chia seeds: Being the best vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acid, chia seeds are a nutrient-rich snack.

There are roasted, spiced, raw seeds and seed mixes available from Wonderland Foods, Raw Essential, Nourish Organics, Rostaa, etc. 

5. Snack Bars

When you are in a hurry or you just crave some snack while you are traveling, some healthy bars can appear as the savior. Snack bars have never been so interesting with the variety of ingredients such as granola, muesli, ragi, quinoa, cranberry, or cereals used in it. Choose the low-calorie, low-carb, high-protein, high-fiber, gluten-free snack bars to feed your small hunger. Yoga Bar, RiteBite, Mojo Bar, The Whole Truth have some of the best snack bars to offer you.


6. Berries

Berries are gaining popularity as a healthy snack for all the right reasons as they are filled with antioxidants, fiber, and most of the essential nutrients. Cranberries, goji berries, blueberries, strawberries, all contain the qualities of superfoods and they are available in dried form to consume for a longer time. The berries from Wonderland Foods, Rostaa, Nut n Seeds, Raw Essentials, The Little Farm, and Co. have no added sugar or artificial flavor to keep their health benefits intact. 

7. Trail Mix

As we talked about the goodness of berries, if you incorporate some dry fruits, nuts, and seeds with them, you will get a pack of the healthiest trail mix to grab anytime as a snack. Grab a handful of trail mixes from Monsoon Harvest, Rostaa, Nutty Gritty, or The Little Farm and Co. to add a healthy touch in snacking. 

If you are new to the world of healthy meals, nutrient-rich foods, and mindful eating, these snacks will help you in meeting your health goals. These are not only helpful in prohibiting unhealthy snacks to go inside your body but also contribute to improving your overall health with nutrient-rich ingredients. Switch now to start your healthy regime afresh. 

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