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12 Healthy Snacks To Replace Your Usual Snacks This Diwali

The festival of light is knocking at the door and it’s time to think about what you should serve your guests. Diwali is incomplete with some Namkeens, some bite-size Mithai, and chit-chat snacks. Whenever it is about snacks, it is hard to think about anything healthy. But don’t fear putting all your hard work to maintain a healthy regime at risk.

Healthier Snacking Alternatives

1. Baked Chaklis

Baked Chaklis

Image Courtesy: Tarla Dalal

When you think about Diwali snack, you can’t possibly ignore Chaklis. This deep-fried snack is hard to ignore, but you need to keep your health in mind as well. Replace your usual jar of Chaklis with the baked ones. Take the similar ingredients used in making the traditional Chakli, knead them together, make whirls out of the dough and bake them at 360 for10 to 15 minutes in a pre-heated oven. 

2. Soybean Nuggets

Soyebean Nuggets

Image Courtesy: bowloffoodwithash

Missing your oily chicken nuggets on the Diwali special snack platter? Well, Soya chunks will do their job. Soya Chunks have a very low amount of calories and fat. They are also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. A highly applauded meat-replacement choice for vegans, Soya Chunks can be your guilt-free healthy replacement of chicken nuggets this Diwali. 

3. Peri-Peri Ragi Chips

Ragi Chips

Image Courtesy: Snackible

When you need to munch on something crunchy, the first snack comes to the mind is always chips and nachos. Ragi is high on fibre and a very nutritious alternative to regular potato or all-purpose flour. You can try Flippies Peri-Peri Ragi chips to ignore all the hurdles of making them at home.

4. Mathri Cookies

Mathri Cookies

Image Courtesy: Indian Cooking Recipes

Mathri cookies are a must-have snack in the Diwali menu. But this flaky, buttery deliciousness is skipped by health advisors because its deep-fried and made with all-purpose flour. But you don’t have to skip such a tasty treat just because of that. Use whole wheat or gluten-free tapioca or almond for your dough and bake it. 

5. Roasted Lemon Chili Chickpeas

Roasted Lemon Chickpea

Image Courtesy: binjalsvegkitchen

Chickpeas are a staple snack on the table during Diwali. But when it’s fried, it can solely ruin all your hard work for weight loss. Opt for the roasted Chickpeas for a healthy alternative this time. Use mild spices and the goodness of lemon to serve these munchies at your Diwali party.

6. Cheddar Cheese Wholewheat Thins

Cheddar Cheese Wholeweat Thins

Image Courtesy: Snackible

Are you missing cheese in your festive menu just to stay healthy? Snackible Cheddar Cheese Wholewheat thins will fill the gap for you. It is made with healthy ingredients like wholewheat, flax seeds, oats and a generous amount of cheddar cheese seasoning. This tasty delight is rick in nutritious value with the presence of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.

7. Baked Raw Banana Dahi Vadas

Baked Raw Banana Dahi Vadas

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Lentils-based vadas or pakodas are a big no when you are trying to eat healthy. But who doesn’t want the taste of Dahi Vadas on the glorious occasion of Diwali? Pick raw banana puree instead of the lentils to paste to make the vadas and just sauté or bake it for a healthier version of this street food.

8. Arbi Pakoda

Arbi Pakoda

Image Courtesy: foodie_paajji

Indians love their pakodas. They can literally put anything into the batter, deep fry and serve it alongside chutney. So this Diwali, use a healthy, nutrients-filled ingredient to dip into the batter. Arbi or Colocasia tastes like Potatoes. You can use air fryer or bake or grill to keep your pakodas healthy.

9. Chicken Chops

Chicken Chop

Image Courtesy: diet_doctor

It doesn’t feel right to not have any non-vegetarian snacks in the Diwali menu. Stuff Chicken cutlets with your choice of vegetable mix and store them in the refrigerator before baking or shallow frying. This can be the star addition to your Diwali snacks menu. 

10. Grilled Fruits

Grilled Fruits

Image Courtesy: jillianraecooks

The most difficult task in the festive season is to put something healthy on the kids’ plates. Put some fruits on your kid’s plate just by barbequing them gently. Sprinkle some chaat masala and you can easily serve this as an excellent alternative of oily kababs. 

11. Dry Fruit Ladoo

Dry Fruit Ladoos

Image Courtesy: foodierabbit05

When there are only savoury options in your snack list, your list is definitely incomplete. Try dry fruit laddoo as a healthy substitute. Dates are generally sweet in taste. So, you don’t need to add a lot of sugar, unlike regular laddoos. Chop the dry fruits with the blended dates and stir them on a very little ghee. Now let it cool to make the healthiest laddoo you have ever tasted. 

12. Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies

Image Courtesy: thecookingfoodie

Using natural sweetens and healthy ingredients, Lo! has some delicious cookie options to please your sweet tooth in Diwali. The almond cookies will be an absolute treasure to serve your guests. You can also try their coconut cookies. There’s no added all-purpose flour or sugar in these cookies. 

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean you need to eat boring. With the choice of right ingredients and right method, you can find healthy food alternatives and satisfy your taste buds at the same time. Eat healthy, stay healthy and enjoy the festive season. Happy Diwali!

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