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Effective Home Remedies For Wheezing

In the flu season that’s been going on recently one has many problems when it comes to wheezing and to provide better solutions to such issues, we here are presenting our readers with the right information for best home remedies for wheezing and to figure out the best possible cure for temporary relief in less time.

What is Wheezing?

Wheezing is a high-pitched, shrill whistling sound we generally make while breathing, indicating difficulty in breathing due to blocked airways, inflammation or a more serious underlying medical condition.

Most of the time wheezes can be heard naturally, while some might require a stethoscope. The sound of your wheeze can vary depending on which part of your airway is blocked or narrowed. Upper respiratory blockages will result in horses wheezes while lower obstructions will sound more musical.

Home Remedies For Wheezing

Best Home Remedies for Wheezing : You Must Know

1. Tulsi Tea

With its immunomodulatory activity, Tulsi tea can effectively prevent or lower the recurrence of asthmatic symptoms. Rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen properties, Tulsi tea can reduce the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes, making it the ideal home remedy for asthma wheezing.

P.S. Tulsi tea is also great to fight the common cold, fever, influenza and a host of other diseases.

Here are some of the recommended Tulsi teas that you can rely on as a home remedy of asthma wheezing:

24 Mantra

Butterfly Ayurveda

Chai Craft

Organic Tattva

2. Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent home remedy for wheezing and chest congestion and contains nutrients, plant compounds, and antioxidants. Animal studies have proven to reduce inflammation of the lungs. Green tea has also been shown to be effective in relieving asthma symptoms. Green tea is also a source of caffeine which can relax your airways for about 4 hours, providing temporary relief from asthma symptoms.

P.S. Besides being a great home remedy for shortness of breath and wheezing, green tea is also great for maintaining weight, fight heart conditions and prevent certain types of cancers.

Hers are some of the best green teas available in India that you can rely on as home remedies for wheezing, shortness of breath and chest congestion:



Organic Tattva

Vahdam Teas 

3. Black Tea

Black tea comes from the same plant as green tea, but air exposure changes the leaves’ colour from green to black. Loaded with caffeine, black tea is an excellent home remedy for wheezing and chest congestion, opening the airways for up to 4 hours and providing temporary relief from asthma symptoms. 

P.S. Besides being an excellent home remedy for wheezing, black tea can also lower the risks of heart disease and diabetes.

Here are some of the black tea varieties available to consume as home remedies for asthma wheezing:

– The Good Life Co

Butterfly Ayurveda

– Vahdam Teas

4. Honey & Ginger with Warm Water

Ginger and Honey are the most common home remedies for wheezing, chest congestion and a number of ailments. 

Honey is best taken with a pinch of cinnamon just before bed to relieve nocturnal asthma, aiding with disturbance-free sleep.

Ginger with warm water has been proven to break down mucus build-up in the airways, relieving asthma symptoms like wheezing and coughing.

Besides being excellent home remedies for wheezing and shortness of breath, honey and ginger with warm water are also excellent for staying hydrated and for weight management.

5. Quit Smoking

Not only does smoking irritate your airways, but it can also lead to serious conditions that can cause wheezing in COPD, including bronchitis.

Second-hand smoke can also lead to wheezing, especially in children. In order to prevent/reduce wheezing, second-hand smoke from non-tobacco sources like barbecue grills and fireplaces must be avoided. 

6. Breathing Exercise

Pursed lip breathing is a technique that has been proven to make each breath effective, opening up the airways for longer. This can help with better breathing and is known as an excellent home remedy for wheezing and shortness of breath.

7. Proper Intake Of Nutrition

Nutrition, too, plays a very important role in preventing wheezing. Staying hydrated and consuming certain vitamins have shown to have excellent results for healthy lungs and control of wheezing. Also, including foods like spinach, broccoli, oranges, and tomatoes will provide you with much-needed vitamin C dairy products, red meat, and oily fish are essential for Vitamin D, and sunflower seeds, almonds and peanut butter will lend you Vitamin E. Adding this food to your daily diet are the best home remedies for wheezing.

What Causes Wheezing?

Wheezing is caused by the obstruction or narrowing of your small bronchial tubes in the chest, larger airways or vocal chords. The causes can range from long-term but manageable chronic diseases like asthma, to more serious conditions like heart failure.

Wheezing can be caused due to imbalance in your:

  1. Lungs
    Cystic Fibrosis
    Respiratory Syncytial Virus
  2. Vocal Chords
    Vocal Cord Dysfunction
  3. Digestive Tract
  4. Allergies
    Dust, Mites, Pollens, Pets, Mold Spores & Foods
  5. Heart Conditions
    Heart Failure
  6. Lifestyle Choices

If you’re unsure of what is causing your wheezing, contact your doctor to understand and cure your underlying conditions. In addition to the medicines and treatments that your doctor would recommend, you can also try some effective home remedies for Wheezing.


While it is essential to visit a doctor for sustained wheezing, to find out and cure any underlying conditions and diseases, adding home remedies for wheezing and chest congestion, like the ones above, will definitely provide you with added relief, and quickly cure it.

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