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Honey, it’s time to quit Sugar!

Drum Rolls! We Have An Announcement

Two good tablespoons of refined white sugar has 110 calories. You will need 20 minutes of cardio to get rid of it. Yes, you heard us right! (Phew) 
If you are not living under the rock, you might already know that processed white sugar is a big NO NO when it comes to a clean diet. And so, Wellcurve is here to inform its readers about the alternatives you can easily switch to for a healthier lifestyle. Different processes are used to make different forms of sugar. As a result, you must choose sugar substitutes in India that adds the much needed sweetness to your food and life without adding the unwanted calories. 

Jaggery, stevia powder, dates, and brown sugar are some of the most appreciated substitutes for sugar that experts recommend. These sugar alternatives sweeten food the same way as sugar. But, what makes them healthier is that they do not contain processed sugar and have zero calories. 

Why And How You Can Replace Sugar With Its Alternatives?

Getting completely rid of sugar is not a healthy choice as it must be included in your diet. However, you should pay attention to the source of sugar you are consuming. The right amount of natural sugar is all you need to stay active and energetic. Hence, natural substitutes for sugar like jaggery powder and date sugar can help you complete your requirement for sugar without adding to the calorie intake. These alternatives will help you in regulating your weight, maintaining blood sugar levels, boosting your immunity, and reducing stress.

When most individuals think of replacing sugar with sugar substitutes in India, they think that cooking food with these alternatives will be time-taking and tiring. Wellcurve says NOPE! Sugar substitutes available online can be used readily, just like the regular sugar we use while cooking or baking. 

To help you better, our Wellcurve Chefs have curated some of the healthiest and yummiest dessert recipes using sugar alternatives to keep your health and taste in check. 

If You’re Still Not Convinced, Then Keep Reading: 

One of the main reasons to make a shift from refined sugar to its alternatives is the low calorie content present in them. The benefits of jaggery are specially appreciated by health experts as being rich in vitamins and minerals makes it a superfood. 

Read the table below if you are curious to know the calories present in 100 g of each of these substitutes in comparison to refined sugar. 

Refined Sugar407
Brown Sugar377 – 380

(Disclaimer: The calorie count may vary on different sources. )

It’s Time To Switch To Healthy With Our Experts

Wellcurve is on a mission to help all its reader switch to a healthier lifestyle and therefore we have a community of Health Experts who are eager to answer all your health related queries. They will help you choose better, shop better and cook better and also ditch those calories with some easy yet effective workout routines. So, try out some natural substitute for sugar to fulfill your sugar  cravings or ask our experts for better guidance.

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