How Much Aloe Vera Juice to Drink Daily for Better Health?

Aloe vera juice is extracted from aloe vera plant leaf and is a little sticky in nature. Drinking this healthy dietary supplement can offer various health benefits. The juice is usually made by crushing and grinding the leave, and it is a little bitter in taste, thus, mostly consumed in limited quantity.

Being sugarless and low in calories, it becomes a healthy drink to keep a watch on your weight. But whenever we consume any dietary drink or supplement, the first thing that rings in our mind is its dosage. How much aloe vera juice to drink daily? Is there any limit to it or one can consume as much as they want?

aloe vera juice dose

These queries are common among people, and we understand your concern. So, just keep on reading to find the ideal dosage of aloe vera juice.

Dosage of Aloe Vera Juice Depending on Your Health

Although there is no fixed rule of drinking aloe vera juice, to get most of it one should have it in a certain quantity and way. Different people with different health conditions should consume it in the suggested way to get results.

Aloe Vera for Diabetes

People have experimented with multiple-dose of aloe vera juice for diabetes. A specific dose of it is unclear. Consuming 15-150 ml juice of aloe vera for 4-14 weeks can prove to be effective, or 1 tablespoon of aloe gel can be used for controlling blood sugar level.

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Ideal Dose for Weight Loss

Ideally, aloe vera juice should be consumed on an empty stomach or at least 20 minutes before a meal. But how much aloe vera juice to drink daily, especially for weight loss. Mix 20 ml of aloe vera juice in water or try mixing it with amla, tulsi, or giloy juice. Continue this process for 2 weeks to see the difference.

Dosage for Constipation

Aloe vera juice contains a natural laxative; thus, it is considered good for constipation. 100-200 ml of aloe vera juice daily or 50 ml of aloe vera extract is considered apt relieving constipation.

For Painful Mouth Diseases

Oral submucous fibrosis is a problem where a person is not able to open the mouth. To treat this issue, one can consume 30 ml of aloe vera juice for 3 months daily. Also, apply pure aloe vera gel on the affected area to reduce the pain and heal the problem.

Number of Times You Can Drink Aloe Vera in A Day

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the number of times. Some start consuming a large serving of 6 to 8 ounce three times a day. But once they get the result, either they reduce the number of times to one or reduce the serving size. Anyways is good enough. But we suggest that if you are consuming aloe vera juice for the first time, then start from small serving to avoid any side effects.

Of course, the service size also depends on your age or size. For an adult with 100 Kilograms, the serving size will be more than the normal; similarly, the serving size reduces for a 10 years of the boy who is just 35 Kilograms. A 29 ml (1 ounce) serving per 10 kilograms can be considered suitable as per weight.

Final Words

For a healthy lifestyle, you can include 8 ounce serving of aloe vera juice in your regular diet. Have it from the bottle or mix it with other juices like karela (bitter gourd), giloy, and tulsi to boost the benefits. You can also add them to smoothies or other fruit juices if it is hard to consume it in raw form. As it is laxative, we suggest that pregnant women should avoid consuming it along with those who have sensitive motion. Other than these people, anyone can have it in the suggested quantity.

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