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How To Eat Healthy Throughout The Day When You Are Travelling

Eating healthy is always an excellent lifestyle choice to practice. If you are already doing it, then it is great! But, are you sure you are eating healthy even when you are travelling?

Making healthy food choices is a bit tricky when you are out most of the day or on the road. Do you feel odd when ordering food, especially when you are in a group? Here are some quick tips to help you stick to your healthy eating regime even when you are out.

  • If you are going out for dinner in a group, it is always a good idea to check on the restaurant menu before you arrive there. Make up your mind on what to eat and stick to it. Include a salad in your plater. Be mindful of the portion size on your plate. In most large restaurants or cafes, you can always request the chef to make a healthy portion for you


  • If you are on a road trip, the schedule goes for a toss and you end up with a ravenous appetite at odd times. Since you cannot have an endless supply of junk food, pack a few easy meals (sandwiches, yoghurt, whole fruits and nuts, hard-boiled eggs) with you.Interestingly, keeping your on-the-go hunger pangs in mind, Wellcurve has already got you covered! Check out the Sattviko Jalapeno Khakra chips – something to munch on that is healthy and tasty too. If you are travelling with kids, check out the cool crunchies from The . When you have the intent, choices are a plenty.

Healthy Snacks


  • Always throw a few health bars in your bag while travelling. They stay for long, can be munched anywhere at any time, are tasty and of course packed with nutrition too. Nourish organics has a whole range of snack bars to choose from.Healthy Energy Bars


  • If you’re on a long hike or a long drive, make sure you are have quality lean protein on your plate. Even if you are eating healthy, the absence of protein from your diet can lead to fatigue. Keep protein bars with you for your daily dose of protein.

Healthy Protein Bar

  • Do you need to travel for business? If you’re a frequent business traveller, pack some perishable food for your trip. Include a few fresh fruits, cheese sticks, pre-cooked meats, and hard-boiled eggs along with you.Don’t skip breakfast no matter what, especially if you’re travelling. A good healthy breakfast gives you a head start to your day and helps you to stay fit throughout the day.


  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause a sensation that mimics hunger which may lead to overeating. Keep a note of your fluid intake.


  • If the restaurant is serving an oversized portion, don’t hesitate to ask for a half-sized portion. You don’t need to overeat just because a restaurant serves oversized portions.


  • Last but not least, do not give up to social pressure. No one can make you do anything so you can politely refuse or restrain yourself to a quantity of drink/food you are comfortable with especially in team dinners and after-parties.



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