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How to Make Snacking Your Friend?

Snacking is eating a small portion of food in between meals. However, what food we are choosing to snack on determines our overall wellbeing. For many people, snacking is almost synonymous with chips, cookies, namkeens and other high calories and high salt content fried foods. Munching these unhealthy snacks not only make us overweight but create other lifestyle diseases including hypertension and diabetes. That doesn’t mean you need to stop snacking! Instead, switch to smart snacking!

But what is smart snacking?

Smart snacking is nothing but making a mindful choice of food to munch on. A healthy snack could be a serving of fruit or a handful of nuts that not only keep your hunger pangs at bay but also provide nutrition and keep you on-the-go.

You may complain that healthy snacks are not always available as an option, especially when you are at work or travelling. But you don’t need to worry about that as we have got you covered! At Wellcurve we have handpicked a selection of healthy snack choices that are loaded with nutrition, devoid of chemicals and preservatives, made out of all-natural ingredients, and packaged conveniently so that you can carry them easily while travelling.

Energy bars

Healthy Energy Bars

Not only a healthy choice to munch on any time, but you also get your required nutrition while curbing the hunger pangs. Wellcurve has a wide range of energy bars to choose from. Whichever flavour you prefer, you get them all here.


Healthy Nuts

Whether you are all keto or vegan, nuts can be enjoyed by all at any time. They are tasty, and a handful is enough to satiate your taste buds and curb your hunger pangs. Did you know that nuts are also great sources of many nutrients like protein, fat, fibre, carb, manganese, selenium, vitamin E, etc.? Choose yours here.


Dates are high in natural sugar like glucose, sucrose, and fructose that give a boost in energy along with satiating your sweet tooth. A great healthy snack option. Pick some juicy and chewy dates here.


Healthy Cookies

How about some crunchy cookies packed with the goodness of Ayurveda to accompany you along with a hot cuppa? Healthy cookies made with healthy and natural ingredients handpicked just for you are now waiting here.

Flavourful makhana

Flavourful makhanas when just popped to perfection serve as the ultimate crunchy snack that is healthy and tasty. This ideal mid-day snack is rich in antioxidants, loaded with protein and fibre. Grab a packet full of crunchy makhanas and say goodbye to junk food. From pudina and herb and cheese flavour to cream and onion and barbeque, we have a plethora of choices!

Healthy snacks for kids

Most kids love crunchies to snack on. But as a concerned parent, you may be worried about the nutritional value of whatever your child eats. Now let them happily munch on some natural fruit snack and vegetarian roasted puffs made with ragi, jowar, and corn and seasoned with 100% natural fruits and vegetables!

Make snacking your friend! Are you game for it?

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