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Inspiring Transformation Journey – Shikha Agarwal

I’m Shikha Agarwal, a 30yrs old Software Engineer, and an influencer.

I was always a fat kid who loved to eat everything fattening since childhood. I use to way 60Kg in 12th standard, but yes, everyone finds that cute. Slowly I realized that I want to look slimmer so that I can wear clothes of my choice and live a healthy life, that’s when I started dieting. If I talk about struggles, it was not much; in my school, everyone used to call me chubby, but I never took that negatively, coz I loved food, and everyone at home always made me feel cute.


I recently discovered I have thyroid. So, maybe that was the reason behind the weight.

The hormones your thyroid gland releases help regulate your metabolism, or how efficiently your body burns food for energy. When your thyroid makes less of it’s as it, your metabolism slows down. The more severe your hypothyroidism is, the more weight you’ll gain. A disciplined lifestyle can help in resolving the weight gain problem.

Majorly, I was not that confident with my looks when I entered college. I use to look older than I actually was. I never gave much attention to that, because I knew how to style myself better with that body.


I was 66 kg at a time and realized that nothing was fitting me, and I was not looking good in the clothes that I wanted to go for. That is when I realized that come what may, I need to lose weight, but I am one of those who is just not keen on going to the GYM. I have tried Gym many times, but in some way, it takes a toll on me.

What I have noticed about Gym exercises is that if you break the cycle and get even slightly irregular, you again tend to put on weight. So that is why I did some lifestyle changes that helped me to reduce my weight. It is more important to lose those extra inches from your overall body without being harsh on yourself.

I lost 11 kgs by following a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.


The first thing that worked for me in my weight loss journey was what I had first thing after waking up. So, as soon as I wake up, I have warm water with half lemon and two-three garlic cloves, you don’t need to chew them, cut it in small pieces and gulp it with the lukewarm water with few drops of lemon in it. This helps to remove fat from the night before. Once I drink that, I don’t eat anything for an hour so that it can do its work. In that one hour, I get ready for work or sort other things out. By that time, it’s an hour and time to have breakfast. I go for fruits for breakfast. You can opt for any fruit like apple, watermelon, or any seasonal fruits. Green tea is also beneficial, make sure to have it twice a day and make sure you drink the right amount of water. Water helps with weight. Try drinking lukewarm water whenever you can.

For lunch, you can go for a normal homemade meal, just make sure you have a good amount of vegetables and daal, it’s healthy and helpful. For Snacks, Dry fruits are healthy snacks, full of energy, and goodness. Make sure you have your dinner four hours before going off to sleep. You need to give those hours to your body so that it gets some time to digest everything properly.

Vegetable salad for dinner, light dinner is always good, you can tweak your salads and add more healthy items to it. Some other important products like Oats, eggs, fruits & vegetables, juices, green tea, instant green coffee, ginger, lemon, and garlic help in reducing weight.

Ginger tea before sleep helps your body digest everything. Just by doing some easy lifestyle changes, you can achieve that figure you want; this goes for both men and women. A healthy lifestyle and diet will be very helpful if you want to fit in some outfit or want to reduce stomach fat fast. 25 minutes of walk/workout is super effective. Adding extra nutrition, the fiber in your diet, more vegetables, and herbal drinks, also helps.


It is not difficult to lose weight; you just need to put little effort and make those healthy lifestyle changes. But make sure that you disciple yourself to follow the cause of the changes, losing weight isn’t that hard, maintaining it is. So, to maintain the weight and the good transformation, make sure you make those changes and stick to them.

Do whatever makes you feel happier. But take care of your health too, in the long run, what you ate in your life will be the reason behind the kind of life you will live.

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