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Is Dark Chocolate Good For Weight Loss

When we say a bite of dark chocolate can give you happiness, we mean it—having a bad day? Take a bite, and your mood uplifts instantly. But do you know for people with a sweet tooth, dark chocolate is a real blessing, wondering why? Well, here’s the deal. Dark chocolate is comparatively better than any other chocolate when you are on a diet. Also, it has more health benefits. This article scientifically explains the benefits of dark chocolate for weight loss.

Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss

Dark chocolate is, of course, a healthier option than other varieties, but you must understand what it’s made of and understand how dark chocolate for weight loss works. One thing to always remember is moderation is the key to weight loss. So even dark chocolate needs to be taken in appropriate amounts for its weight loss effects.

Dark Chocolate for Weight Loss

1. Controls Blood Sugar

Research suggests that the consumption of dark chocolate can improve insulin sensitivity. The hormone insulin is responsible for maintaining blood glucose levels and metabolism in the body. High levels of insulin can transport sugar straight into your fat cells. Dark chocolate can help decrease insulin levels and control insulin spikes in the body, which can help reduce fat storage.

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2. Curbs Appetite

Several human experiments have shown that dark chocolate can affect hunger hormones. It reduces cravings for sweet, salty foods and promotes the feeling of fullness. It significantly reduces ghrelin levels, the hormone responsible for hunger and therefore curbs appetite and hence benefits in weight loss.

3. Enhances metabolism

It is a known fact that people with a faster metabolism tend to accumulate less fat than people with a slower metabolism. Dark chocolate is loaded with MUFA ( Monounsaturated Fatty Acids), which enhance metabolism. Increased metabolism means you can burn calories faster.

4. Aids Workout

Dark chocolate contains a good amount of anti-inflammatory products, which in combination with magnesium, reduce muscle pain, making you feel more energetic and increasing your feel-good factor.

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So, is dark chocolate good for weight loss? Absolutely yes. But much dark do you need? Well, we suggest moderation is the key, and you will need to practice portion control with it, too, because even regular dark chocolate has sugar. Also, you may look for sugar-free options that are readily available in the market. A 70% dark chocolate can give you a happy high and weight loss benefits.

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