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It’s Never Too Late To Get Fit – Bhavana Bhagat’s Inspiring Story!

Born in a family of health-conscious and fitness freaks, I somehow didn’t pay enough attention to my health during my growing years. I was on the heavier side in school however soon after college I started working alongside my Masters’s degree and my health and fitness never took priority. I had a very busy routine with no time to focus on myself or my food choices. While I would have home-cooked food at most times, I was out and about for long hours and junk food made its way into my stomach.

Fast forward, I was detected with PCOD at the age of 26 and thus the weight even shot up though I still didn’t pay heed to this lifestyle disorder and life went on with career being my only focus. After marriage and a kid, my weight remained consistently high and I slowly began to have issues like high BP, recurring headaches, lack of strength to go about my day, etc.

That’s when I took stock of my health and consulted a nutritionist. While I did lose weight, I still didn’t feel energetic or gained any strength. I kept going with a very low-calorie diet along with some cardio or walking until Jan 2020. Soon the pandemic hit and my weight-loss plans shattered! I would end up cooking, cleaning, managing the house and family along with a full-time job with no time left for exercise. Within a month, I decided to get back to my regime however having no equipment at home was a big pain.

Slowly, I bought a pair of dumbbells and today I have a mini gym at home with various sets of dumbbells, bench, resistance band, and more. I promised to make the best use of the Covid WFH and re-started my fitness journey full steam. I still don’t have any house help/cook, but a very supportive family who has stood by me in my endeavor to get fit. During this one last year, I have gained so much more strength, lost oodles of inches, and dropped 2 dress sizes. I do strength training 5 times a week and walk about 12,000 steps every day. Looking at my transformation, other women in my society have also started their fitness journey and I swell with pride when friends and family tell me I do not look my age!

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