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Jaggery Vs Sugar: Difference Between Jaggery and Sugar

Jaggery and sugar are the two sweeteners that are commonly used in every Indian household. Sugar comes in white, translucent crystals, which is a refined and prepared form of Jaggery. It is manufactured by the extreme processing and refining of natural sugar cane. In contrast, Jaggery is a more pure form of sweetener. However, many nutritionists & health experts these days recommend using Jaggery as a sugar substitute. But we must know how and why Jaggery is better than sugar in comparing Jaggery vs sugar? 

Jaggery vs Sugar

Jaggery vs Sugar – What is the Difference?

Jaggery and sugar are something that we use daily, and they can be found in every Indian home. They both are processed from cane juice but are processed differently. Jaggery & sugar ensures distinct properties, benefits, uses, and values. We can use them as substitutes for each other in the kitchen. However, we generally are confused to conclude which one is better for health and has more benefits for the body. So, here we have done some analysis on jaggery vs sugar for your clearance.

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Jaggery and Sugar

Let’s check out the comparison below for the evergreen question of “Is jaggery better than sugar?”

Brown in colorWhite in color
Semi-solid in formcrystal sized
Jaggery helps to detoxify the liverDoesn’t help in detoxifying liver
Maintain good healthNo health benefit
Helps to purify the bloodDoesn’t help in blood purify
Works as a cleanser for the stomachCan’t help
Relieve joint painsCan’t help
Control blood pressureIncreases blood pressure
The lesser amount of caloriesHigh in calories
No chemicals are used      Chemicals are used
Prevents AnaemiaDoesn’t help
Boosts digestionDidn’t boost digestion

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Jaggery and Sugar Nutrition Facts

When we compare Jaggery or sugar in terms of nutrition and calories, it, of course, has two different values. This is because they both have different values and possess other uses. So, we can make the comparison between jaggery and sugar to keep the nutritional check on both the sweeteners.

Jaggery is commonly known as Gur in Hindi. It is filled with various minerals & vitamins that are very beneficial for health. On the other hand, sugar contains sucrose which is not suitable for health. Also, sugar has no proteins, fats, vitamins, and other good minerals. 

Nutritional Value of Jaggery and Sugar

In addition to jaggery vs sugar calories, a 100 g of jaggery & sugar contains the following:

NutrientsJaggery (100gm)Sugar (100gm)
Vitamin A3.8 mg 0 mg
Calcium80 mg 1 mg
Magnesium160 mg 0 mg
Manganese0.5 mg 0 mg
Vitamin E111.30 mg 0 mg
Iron5.4 mg 0.01 mg
Protein280 mg 0 mg
Vitamin C7.0 mg 0 mg
Calories (Energy)383Kcal387Kcal
Fibre 0 mg 0 mg
Carbohydrates98.96g100 g
Potassium140 mg2 mg
Sodium30 mg0 mg

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Hence, to conclude, we can safely say that swapping sugar with Jaggery can be a good practice- as long as you don’t overdo it. Must give a quick nutritional profile check before you choose sweetener. But if you want to cut down on sugar, try reducing your intake first. And gradually switch to organic sugars, like Jaggery or brown sugar, to control your weight.

1. Why Is jaggery better than sugar?

Jaggery also contains sugar so it is not recommended for diabetics to replace sugar with jaggery. But they can consume it in limited amounts. Besides all, jaggery is still a better and healthier choice than sugar.

2. Can we eat jaggery in diabetes?

Jaggery has sugar content. Thus, it is only advisable to take a small amount of jaggery for diabetic people. 

3. Does jaggery increase sugar?

Jaggery has sucrose components. However, it is less refined than sugar but it still has a significant effect on blood sugar levels.

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