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8 Keto Diet Dangers That You Should Know

Keto Diet is the latest fad when it comes to weight management, diabetes management, infertility, etc. However, few people know that Keto has been around since the 1920s as a means to treat epilepsy and hence is useful in more than one way.

Even if you are excited about starting a Keto diet, doing so without supervision can do you more harm than good. How an individual adopts to the basics of Keto in view of the other pre-existing conditions should be determined by a scientific and extra-cautious approach backed by scientific ideas. The following are the keto diet dangers which should be kept in mind in order to be cautious of all the side effects it carries:

Keto Diet Dangers to Take Care of

Dangers of Keto diet should be kept in mind in order to ensure there are no major complications of health while starting. The negatives of the Keto diet should be considered well in advance so one can take due precautions and relevant medical advice.

  1. May Lead to Keto Flu

As the body adjusts to using ketones and fats as the primary energy source, one may experience flu-like symptoms at the beginning of the keto diet.

  1. Keto Diet May Stress Your Kidneys

Consuming a lot of animal foods on the keto diet can lead to more acidic urine and a higher risk of developing kidney stones. The acidic state can also worsen the progression of chronic kidney disease.

  1. May Cause Digestion Related Problems & Changes in Gut Bacteria

Due to the carb restrictions, the Keto diet is often low in fiber. This may trigger constipation and negative effects on gut health.

  1. Nutrition Deficiencies Can Get Aggravated

Keto diet is not rich in vitamins and minerals and hence potassium and magnesium is not provided which could over time lead to nutrient deficiencies.

  1. Dangerously Low Blood Sugar Levels

Low carb diets have been shown to improve blood sugar balance and control in the case of people suffering from diabetes. It may also increase the risk of low blood sugar events – especially if one has type 1 diabetes.

  1. Keto Diet May Damage Bone Health

The Keto diet reduces bone mineral density which also triggers bone breakdown over time. Though further studies are being carried out to prove the same.

  1. Increases the Risk of Chronic Diseases & Early Death

There is some evidence that suggests that low carb diets that focus on animal foods may lead to higher death rates from cancer, heart diseases, and all causes.

  1. Reduced Athletic Performance

Some athletes have followed the Ketogenic diet to not only improve performance in the sport but also aide in weight loss. Ketosis increases the acidic state of the body which limits the ability to perform at peak levels.

Keto diet side effects are important to be considered in advance and medical help should be taken in order to ensure no major complications are experienced. The above mentioned keto diet dangers are involved in this regime and hence make the most important part of this fitness regime. The keto diet risks are to be taken seriously as they guide us towards the precautions to be taken in advance.

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