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Expert Speaks: Dr. Mahima Bakshi About Healthy Eating Habits for Children

Mahima Bakshi

‘A balanced diet and healthy eating habits can do wonders to a child’s health but, ‘Happy Eating Habits’ leads to proper nourishment,’ believes Dr. Mahima Bakshi.

Mr. Nikhil Mehta (CEO of had a perspicacious conversation with Dr. Mahima Bakshi, Woman and Child Wellness Expert, wherein she addressed the importance of Mental Immunity as well as Physical Immunity, how to build good eating habits, and more.

The growth and development of a child are the most important concerns of a Mother. However, providing them with accurate food items, which are not just nutritious but also tasty, is a task. We asked Dr. Bakshi about her favorite tips for Mothers of children between the age of 4-15. “Mothers should engage in looking for snacking options that are appealing and healthier, like Makhanas. Such healthy snacks are not just nutritious but are also flavoursome. Therefore, there has to be a balance between taste and health to feed a child in the right way,” she believes.

When asked about her thoughts on the importance of immunity building, she puts forth her understanding of physical and mental immunity. “Parents often complain about their child being fussy and not eating healthy food. In that case, I strongly recommend them to practice what they preach.” According to her, families should follow traditional ways of eating together. “Meal-time should be bonding time. This will eventually make the child more comfortable, he/she will learn good values, healthy eating habits which ultimately helps in building mental immunity”, she says.

She is of the view that “parents should personally involve the child in the cooking process. This helps the child with a better understanding of an ideal meal. Also, there are great chances that the child will enjoy having a meal in which he has contributed.” She recommends that a proper immunity building diet must include-

  1. High-protein food items such as Nuts & Meat.
  2. Probiotics like yogurt & buttermilk.
  3. Good hydrating drinks like fresh juices, smoothies, and shakes.

Dr Bakshi has been actively spreading awareness about the importance of breastfeeding. She further talks about how breastfeeding remains an integral part of the baby’s growth and development. “For a healthy future, the beginning should be correct”, she says. “Breastfeeding doesn’t just build immunity or help in the growth of the baby but, if a child is not breastfed, he/she might develop several allergies, learning disabilities, IQ drop, malnutrition, etc.”

“Eat Right, Live Right.”

‘Healthy people or those who are willing to change their lifestyles are ready to spend an extra penny for a healthier option’, she states. For instance, a lot of people have shifted to organic and chemical-free products. Elaborating her concerns about healthy eating in children as well as adults, Dr. Bakshi asserts that good eating habits should not be enforced but taught. There has to be a realisation amongst children about why they need to consume healthy and nutritious food. Only then, they would be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

In a nutshell, Dr. Mahima Bakshi contemplates that there are numerous interesting ways to add nutrition to the diet. Force-feeding should be off the shelf for children and parents must ponder a comfortable, healthier, and mindful environment for their children to actually grow and develop decorously.

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