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Mass Gainer Benefits and Usage to Upgrade Health

There is not a single person who doesn’t have a health goal to achieve. For some, it is weight loss; for some, it is weight gain. When we compare both health goals, gaining weight is more challenging than losing fat. Weight gain is of two types, one is feeding on unhealthy food and letting saturated fat accumulate in your body, and the second is sticking to a healthy diet and gaining healthy fat, muscle mass and strength. Sadly due to the busy lifestyle, fluctuating hunger levels, lack of time to check your nutritional intake etc. Therefore, you can go for a mass gainer to gain healthy body mass and nurture lean muscles. The primary reason people have started incorporating them into their lives is due to mass gainer benefits. Further, we will discuss mass gainer benefits and usage in this blog.

Mass Gainer Benefits

We understand many still need to learn what mass gainer is. The short and clear answer is is a supplement solely helpful for mass gaining. If a supplement is helping you gain body mass, then the possibilities are high that it might fall on the higher side of nutrient content. Mass gainers are rich in nutrients like carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals that help supplement several health benefits to the body. The mass gainer offers a bundle of health benefits when taken moderately and accompanied by brisk workouts.

Summary Table : 5 Mass gainer Benefits

1. Supports Muscle Recovery and Growth
2. Supplies Fibre to the Body
3. Rich in Calories
4. It is filled with Essential Vitamins and Minerals
5. Contains a Good Proportion of Carbohydrates

Supports Muscle Recovery and Growth

The mass gainer supplements come with a high quotient of protein, carbohydrates, and calories. These nutrients effectively resort to and build the body’s muscles during exercise. Research held in the year 2017 concluded that combining mass gainers with intense workouts can help muscle protein synthesis.

Supplies Fibre to the Body

The supplements come with a decent proportion of fibre in them. Due to this, the issue of bloating and digestion improves with time. Overall, mass gainer helps maintain a healthy body by providing most of the vital nutrients. 

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Rich in Calories

Calories are the most crucial factor to remember in the journey of mass gain, and mass gainer supplements are the best for it. On average, a mass gainer provides you with around 1240 calories and 50g of protein per serving. To supports muscle recovery and growth. 

It is filled with Essential Vitamins and Minerals

By far, you must have understood that mass gainer benefits general healthy by keeping it fit and active. The supplement has a good proportion of essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and many others. Therefore, mass gainer acts as a perfect nourishment for the body. 

Contains a Good Proportion of Carbohydrates

A mass gainer is naturally rich in carbohydrates because it uses a variety of carbohydrate sources that might be gluten-free or non-GMO. Generally, the carbohydrate sources used in mass gainers are maltodextrin, waxy maize, or dextrose are prepared out of modified corn starch.

Mass Gainer Usage

Mass Gainers are dietary supplements that offer high calorie and protein content, ranging from 350 to over 1200 calories and 15-65 grams or more of protein per serving. They are specifically designed for hard gainers or those who struggle to put on weight despite a balanced diet to help them bulk up and build muscle mass. The most common and effective way to use a mass gainer is to blend it with water or milk and consume it before or after a workout, as advised by a healthcare professional. In addition, you can make your mass gainer shake by adding your favourite fruits to it.


Are you also noticing the same thing as us? Over the past few years, we have come across the word Mass Gainer, a supplement that nurtures one’s body by boosting lean mussels, muscle recovery, energy supply and more. When looking a few years back, no one was aware of these supplements, but health enthusiasts have started using them in their daily lives solely due to mass gainer benefits. The primary reason to use a mass gainer is that no one likes to look lean and weak. Therefore a mass gainer protein powder might help you gain some healthy weight and boost your confidence due to the enhancement of your personality. It is easy to make and is loaded with a bundle of beneficial nutrients like fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Mass gainer alone holds the capability to transform one’s health

Best time to take mass gainer

Health experts say the best time to take a mass gainer is early morning. This is because at night when we sleep, the body uses all its nutrients and gets exhausted and turns into a catabolic state, and when one consumes the supplement, the body turns into an anabolic state. 

How many times should one take a mass gainer in a day?

One protein shake daily is sufficient to meet your daily protein requirements

How to take mass gainer as a pre workout supplement or post-workout supplement? 

It’s in the body’s best to consume it as a post workout supplement, as when one completes the workout regime, the body has a high metabolism rate and starts to consume nutrients rapidly. 

Can one take a mass gainer without following a workout routine?

Mass gainers are calorie-rich supplements that will give the best results only if you use them by following a regular exercise or workout routine. 

Is it safe for beginners to use mass gainers?

Yes, it is safe to consume by beginners. However, one must take it to take the mass gain journey to another level

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