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Mass Gainer vs Weight Gainers: What’s the Difference

The Topic of Mass gainer vs Weight Gainers has created a never-ending buzz in the fitness industry. Both of these supplements are used by different body types. They are meant for different purposes but are confused as the same. However, contain different amounts of calories and micronutrients and work in different ways. If you frequently confuse both of these supplements as the same, then this article will definitely help you.

Mass Gainer vs Weight Gainers

These Supplements can help you gain the body you always desire but only if you use them correctly. Weight gain supplements is to be taken orally which help you gain weight by adding extra calories to your diet. They are mainly composed of simple carbs, followed by a moderate amount of fat and little protein. They come in different calorie ranges from 600 Kcal to 1200+ Kcal, so you can choose accordingly.

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On the other hand, mass gainers are also oral supplements but are meant for different purposes. The main purpose of Muscle gainers and Weight gainers is to help in muscle gain. Their composition is opposite to weight gainers as their primary nutrient is protein, followed by carbs and fat. They help in lean muscle gains without adding fat to the body. Along with the required macronutrient, these supplements also contains some micronutrients like vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids that can help increase stamina and overall uplifts health.

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Nutrition-Based Comparison Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

The below table gives a deep insight into the nutrition-based comparison between mass and weight gainers.

Nutrition Per ServingsMass GainerWeight Gainer
FunctionalityMuscle GainWeight Gain
Major NutrientsProteinCarbohydrate
Calories Per Serving400-1000 Kcal650-1000 Kcal
Protein Per Serving15-20%30-40%
Fat Per Serving4-5%4-7%
Carbohydrate Per Serving50-60%75-85%
Targeted Body TypesBody Builders/ Ectomorphs/ MesomorphsEctomorphs/ Hard Gainers

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The Takeaway

Now, that you have understood the difference between weight gainers and mass gainers it will be easy for you identify the best whey protein powder you need according to your goal. If it’s to add weight to your body, then choose weight gainers and if you want to increase your muscle mass, then go for mass gainers. Along with this, these supplements also help you energise quickly and decrease post-exercise exhaustion. So, choose your supplement wisely and go towards your body goals.

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