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Motivational Weight Loss Story – Ipsita Kundu

We have all been through some or the other kind of health-related issue. Some deal with the struggle of losing weight, some are trying hard to put on weight, some have anxiety and some are still are trying to figure their health out.

As social media has grown and is spreading its grip all over us. Here is our attempt in making use of it and bring to you, some relatable stories from people’s day today life. Sharing their trouble and experience with health-related problems they have faced. Trying to bring positivity in each of our lives by putting out these motivational stories of people who are just like you and me.

Here is Ispsita Kundu’s story, in her word. A 24 yrs. old photographer and stylist who was dealing with the struggle of trying to lose weight.

“As a growing kid, I was referred with a lot of funny names, which were very hurtful. What once was a joke then turned into a part of my daily life back in school. I was constantly teased for the way I looked and how fat I was back then. Honestly, for a 14-year-old kid who was still trying to figure out the changes in her body, that was a living hell. It was a very difficult part to deal with, I tried my best to not get bothered by all this. But such things can leave a deep impact on a person and can hamper their confidence. I had to deal with the bullies all my school life, but that also gave me perspective and motivated me to do something about my weight.’

I was dealing with PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease) a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries.  It makes you put on weight and makes it even more difficult to shed it. I must have tried a million medications to help resolve the problem but nothing helped. My weight kept on increasing as the years passed. The only solution to this was to completely change my diet, healthy eating habits, and regular workout.  I used to swim every alternate day and decided to bid farewell to all unhealthy food items and sugars. By doing so, I saw my body change. Slowly and steadily the change started to become very visible, not only to me but to others as well.  This motivated me to do better and workout even more and finally I can say that I am proud of what I am or for what I look like today. I can happily say that I have come a long way and seen myself transform for better. I have gained double confidence and started appreciating my body.”


“The changes I made in my diet started with very small steps I took.  Stopped eating junk food or high carb food. There was a point in time when I only had one meal per day. But I would not suggest that, it’s extremely unhealthy. Managing home and college, hardly gave me any time to work out. But I walked a lot. Home to the metro, then metro to college. Any place I could go walking I’d do that. Walking is not only something that can help you burn body fat but is also good for your mental health. You get some time to yourself, walk, and just spend some quality time in the fresh air.”

“What kept me motivated was just me wanting to lose those extra pounds so bad. I love swimming, so that is one workout form that always kept me motivated. It’s a good full-body exercise and keeps you fresh. Being able to swim also makes me happy, makes me feel like a fish in a big pond. I would say, especially when you start noticing the positive changes in your body, that is like a big boost and keeps you pumped up to work even harder and achieve the goal.”

“A tip that I would like to give away is, to drink lots and lots of water. Every day, in the morning, before brushing drink a warm glass of water with a pinch of turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, a tablespoon of honey, and half a lemon. It really helps in cleaning the body from the inside. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, great for the skin, good for our digestive systems, rich in antioxidants, also has healing properties, boost our immunity, and helps in dealing with unwanted weight.”


“A positive message that I would like to give to all the people out there is, to keep your mind healthy if you are happy there is no force that can change your motivation to shed some weight or to do anything you want.

Love yourself for all the flaws because that is your uniqueness. Keep working hard and don’t let the negativity get to you. Eat healthy and live healthy cause a healthy life is a happy life.”

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