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Natural & Effective Home Remedies for Diabetes

Do you know that worldwide, more than 33% of adults aged 65 and above suffer from diabetes? One of the main reasons behind this is the fast-paced lifestyle and the mental and physical stress that comes with it. 

Home Remedies for Diabetes

That’s not it! With around 50 million people suffering from diabetes, India is now known as the diabetes capital of the world. Diabetes is not completely curable. But with some home remedies for diabetes, you can control it quite well.  

Natural Remedies for Diabetes

If you don’t like to depend on medicine completely to manage your diabetes, then there are some natural home remedies that can also help you a great deal. So, let’s have a look at some of the most effective home remedies for diabetes.

Choosing the Right Diet: What to Eat

Just by controlling what you are putting inside your stomach, you can control your blood sugar level. There are some foods that can help you with diabetes management more effectively. Besides, these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. 

What to eat in diabetes

1. Fenugreek

A commonly used item in Indian cuisine, Fenugreek not only makes your food taste good but also makes it healthy. It is one of the best natural remedies for diabetes as it improves glucose tolerance in your body. Therefore, it controls diabetes effectively in the long run.

How to use

  • Soak some fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Drinking the water with the seeds inside it in the morning helps a great deal in diabetes. Don’t forget to have this drink on an empty stomach. 
  • As an alternative way, you can also make powder from the seeds and mix it with milk or even water. 

2. Cinnamon

By stimulating insulin activity in your body, cinnamon can regulate the blood sugar level. It also contains a certain bioactive compound which in return helps in preventing diabetes. Besides, it also works as a great home remedy to keep the cholesterol level in check for diabetic people. 

However, excess intake of cinnamon can cause liver damage. So, while you are trying to find a natural cure for diabetes, don’t forget to keep the side effects in mind. 

How to use

  • Take a glass of warm water and mix half or one teaspoon of grounded cinnamon. Drink this mix once daily to maintain your blood sugar level.
  • Alternatively, you can also boil raw cinnamon in two glasses of water. It is safe to have it daily but of course after you let it cool for 30 minutes.

3. Aloe vera

A very common plant found in almost every household, aloe vera is a very good home remedy to cure diabetes naturally. In addition to that, it also helps in healing inflammation in the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

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How to use

  • Slightly bitter in taste, aloe vera is hard to consume if you don’t mix it with the right ingredients. However, combing the flesh of aloe vera with buttermilk can give you a very refreshing drink to control your diabetes naturally.  

4. Bitter Gourd

Popularly known as Karela in the Indian subcontinent, bitter gourd is an excellent natural remedy for diabetes. It contains certain compounds that help reduce hyperglycemia or the increase in blood sugar levels. 

How to use

Bitter gourd can be incorporated into your diet in two ways, 

  • You can cook it with some other vegetables suitable for diabetes or you can make curry and have it once a week. 
  • Although it’s not delicious in taste, bitter gourd works the best for diabetes if you consume the juice of the raw vegetable directly. You can have it on an empty stomach every morning to get the most effective result.

5. Mango Leaves

Fresh mango leaves can be your savior if you are finding it difficult to control your blood sugar level. That doesn’t sound real, right? 

Well, mango leaves are very effective against high blood sugar levels. Besides, it also works against high blood pressure and gall and kidney stones which are some of the most common health problems accompanying diabetes.

How to use

  • One of the easiest ways to use mango leaves as a natural remedy for diabetes is to boil them with water. You can then cool this water and have it on an empty stomach.  
  • You can also sun-dry some mango leaves and then grind them to make a powder. Mix this powder with water and consume it twice a day to get the best result.

6. Indian Gooseberry

Most commonly known as amla, Indian gooseberry is one of the best sources of vitamin C. But it is also very effective in keeping blood glucose levels balanced. In addition to that, it also purifies the blood and works as an anti-inflammatory agent to keep other chronic diseases at bay.

How to use

  • It is safe to consume raw amla every day.  To get the best result out of it, mix 1 tablespoon of amla juice with one cup of bitter gourd juice. You can drink it daily as one of the best home remedies for diabetes. 
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of pure amla juice with one cup of water to drink every morning on an empty stomach.
  • You can also have raw amla to reduce your blood sugar level.

7. Drumstick or Moringa Leaves

Rich in vitamins A, C, K, and B-complex and minerals including iron, calcium, and magnesium, drumstick leaves can work wonders against diabetes. All these nutrients are required to regulate your blood sugar level and moringa provides it all. 

Besides, moringa is also a good source of fiber and plant-based protein.

How to use

  • The best way to add drumstick leaves to your meal is to add them in the form of vegetable curries.
  • Steam it like spinach and add it to your salad to make it more nutritious. 

8. Jamun

Along with its fruits, Jamun leaves are also proven to be very useful in lowering blood sugar levels. If you manage to consume around 100 grams of Jamun every day, it can take your blood sugar to a very safe level. 

How to use

  • Take out the seeds and sun-dry them to make a powder. You can mix a tablespoon of this powder in water and have it twice a day. 

Choosing The Right Diet: What Not to Eat

If you are just consuming the right things and not avoiding the harmful things, then you can never regulate your blood sugar levels. There are certain food items you should consider harmful if you are suffering from diabetes. 

What not to eat in Diabetes

1. Refined sugar 

It is not unknown to anyone that refines white sugar is extremely harmful to people with diabetes. It can cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar level. So, it is important to avoid sugar at any cause to stay healthy.

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However, you can try sugar substitutes like stevia, and jaggery powder depending on the type of diabetes you are suffering from.

2. Whole grains 

If you are suffering from diabetes, then whole grains are not suitable for your diet as they have gluten in them. 

Gluten can cause a leaky gut and thus leading to inflammation. In return, it can cause auto-immune diseases which are extremely dangerous for people with diabetes. In fact, gluten is harmful to everyone regardless of their health condition.

3. Alcohol 

Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited if you are suffering from diabetes. It can cause severe damage to your liver and pancreas. Therefore, damaging the organ that produces insulin. 

You should specifically avoid beer as it is full of carbohydrates.

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Not only the refined white sugar but white bread, white rice, potatoes, and white pasta can also increase your blood sugar level. Furthermore, they lead to insulin resistance and weight gain which are extremely triggering for diabetes patients. 

It is not mandatory to eliminate these food items completely from your diet. Instead, put a reasonable restriction on the amount or portion.  

1. Exercise Regularly

The main reason behind type-2 diabetes is obesity and it’s you who has the power to control it. 

Exercising regularly is one of the best natural remedies for diabetes. You can try any kind of physical activity including yoga, Zumba, aerobics, etc. Even, regular walks can help with your blood sugar levels as well.

2. Make Water Your Primary Beverage

Sugary drinks are extremely harmful to your health, especially when you are suffering from diabetes. So, one of the best ways to counter it is to choose water as your first choice of beverage.  

Besides, diabetes increases the risk of dehydration as well as kidney issues. So, drink a minimum of 3 to 4 liters of water daily to reduce the risk of such health hazards. 

3. Implement Portion Control

Measuring the portion of your food is not only helpful in weight management but also keeps an eye on your calorie intake which is extremely crucial for diabetes. 

You can use smaller plates, avoid eating outside and eat slowly and mindfully to manage diabetes. 

4. Monitor Sugar Levels Regularly

Although proper diet and exercise can help you regulate your blood sugar level, it is important to monitor it at home on a regular basis. It will help you for better diabetes management and you can check if your diet is helping you or not.

Is it now sounding easy to manage your blood sugar level at home? Also, don’t forget to consult your doctor to avoid any food items that may cause side effects.

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