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10 Best Dieticians and Nutritionists In Bangalore

When you live in the Silicon Valley of India, staying updated with trends becomes a mandate. But would you be offended if we tell you that there’s still something that technology cannot do?

Yes, you heard us right! Technology might give you access to a million workout videos, but only Wellcurve can get you on that regime. You ask, how? We have a community of over 700 health experts from across India eager to help you live healthy by giving you free health tips, sending you free healthy recipes, and even sharing their workout routines with you. How can you say no to that, right?

Now that you have nodded your head check out this list of 10 Bangalore-based health experts from Wellcurve who are at your service!

15 Best Nutritionists and Dieticians in Bangalore

1. Shradda Krishna

She is a Yoga Teacher based out of Bangalore. Shraddha specializes in Hath Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Pre-natal & Postnatal Yoga. She is a research-based nutritionist and aims to motivate the younger generation to live healthier lives.

Shradda Krishna

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2. Namrata Sudhindra

She is a former Dentist turned Breath Coach. Namrata is also a Level 1 Animal Flow Instructor. She offers classes and tips on healthy living and yoga.

Namrata Sudhindra
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3. Surbhi Dhall

Surbhi is a fitness and self-care expert. She offers customized fitness programs to help her clients reach their health goals. She offers tried and true skincare, yoga, and health practices to help her clients on their health journey.

Surbhi Dhall

4. Gunjan Kamra

She is the founder and CEO of EQMindAndYoga. She is a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher who will help you achieve your health goals through Yoga. Gunjan is a famous yoga guru with many clients under her belt.

Gunjan Kamra

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5. Nabiya Shahid

She is a Dietician and Fitness Consultant with a Food Science and Nutrition background. Nabiya specializes in Post Partum Fatloss and Lifestyle Disorders such as PCOS, thyroid, diabetes, and cholesterol management. She believes in making fitness simple, easy, and accessible for all.

Nabiya Shahid

6. Silky Mahajan

Silky is a nutritionist and author of the book ‘Nutrition for Sportsperson’. She specializes in weight management and sports nutrition, offering personalized consultations and programs for all her clients.

7. Roshni Sanghvi

She is an RHNC certified Science Based Nutritionist. Roshni is also a speaker, athlete, and transformation expert. She has over 12000+ clients globally whom she has helped with maintaining plant-based diets, PCOS management, weight management, and more.

8. Jyothi Annamareddy

She is a nutritionist and a Women’s Health Expert. Jyothi has over 7000+ clients across the world. She specializes in PCOS and weight management. She offers customized nutrition, diet, and lifestyle programs for her clients.

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9. Pavan N

He is a gym and fitness enthusiast. Pavan is on a mission to transform lives and help others on their fitness journey.

Pavan N

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10. Spraha Keshava Murthy

She is an architect by profession and a fitness enthusiast by passion. Spraha is a bikini athlete, fitness influencer, and freelancing fitness trainer. She specializes in helping people improve their lives by making fitness a part of their daily lifestyle.

Spraha Keshava Murthy

Profile Link:-

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We just gave you ten reasons to make that healthy switch. What are you still waiting for? Head to Wellcurve to Ask Our Experts and get started today!

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