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Nutritionists and Dietitians In Chennai to Follow On Instagram

Eating healthy is synonymous with living healthy and for that reason many people are shifting to a healthy food plan these days. But in order to get the best effective result, one needs to consult nutritionists and dietitians. Social media has made the availability of expert advice way easier than it was before. Most of the top nutritionists and dietitians are now on social media platforms to advise people more conveniently on healthy eating. If you are residing in Chennai, here’s the list of top 12 nutritionists and dietitians to follow on Instagram.

Nutritionists And Dietitians in Chennai

1. Ryan Fernando

Ryan is a celebrity sports nutritionist currently curating the meal plan for big names like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Ryan has also co-founded the nutrition clinic chain, Qua Nutrition where he helps people with healthy plans. You can always get to know more about healthy foods and information related to that in his column in Sportstar Magazine.

2. Suhasini Viswanathan

If you are a complete vegetarian and you are finding it hard to consult someone who is well-aware of the vegan food options, then Suhasini Viswanathan is the right person for you. Suhasini is a clinical and sports nutritionist in Ryan Fernando’s Qua Nutrition and she is a vegan specialist. She focuses on the holistic approach in nutrition and also works as a diabetes educator.

3. Uthara Shravan

Uthara Shravan is a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist based in Chennai. She can be your guide to maintain a healthy food habit with her simplistic and customized diet plans that are catered to your food choices exclusively. You can reach her and get her valuable advice even through online consultation.

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