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15 Nutritionists or Dietician in Delhi-NCR You Should Follow

Nutritionists have become the pioneer to lead a healthy lifestyle by giving you a ray of hope that nothing is impossible if you decide to live a healthier lifestyle. And, with the emerging popularity of social media, nutritionists in Delhi NCR are now available on various platforms to help you follow a healthy regime. So, if you haven’t started following them, then you should start it right away

Best Nutritionists in Delhi NCR

1. Ishi Khosla

Dr. Khosla’s Instagram feed is an open forum for healthy recipes. She suggests consuming tasty, home-cooked food. People can easily get access to healthy food ingredients on her one-stop-shop known as Whole Foods.

2. Shikha Sharma

Founder of wellness initiative NutriHealth, Dr. Shikha Sharma is a preventive health specialist and clinical nutritionist by profession. Her treatment method generally follows Nutrigenetics or the study of nutrition based on genetic structure. She provides food recommendations to combat various issues like aging, vitamin deficiency, skin problems, bowel problems, etc.

3. Nmami Agarwal

A specialist in clinical nutrition, Nmami Agarwal is a very well known name when it comes to healthy eating. Her mantra for a healthy lifestyle is “Eat today for tomorrow”. Her health and wellness venture NmamiLife is a big name amongst its competitors. 

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