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15 Best Nutritionists or Dieticians In Hyderabad To Consult

Eating healthy is the key to living a healthier lifestyle and that’s what most people generally forget in between their busy schedules. But everyone craves for a healthy life and that’s where the nutrition experts come in place. Without their guidance, it’s hard to follow a healthy regime and eat what’s suitable for your health and what to absolutely avoid. Here we are providing a list of the best nutritionists or dieticians in Hyderabad to get you started with your healthy regime. Let’s get started.

Best Nutritionists in Hyderabad

1. Deepika Chalasni

Deepika Chalasni is a nutritionist and dietitian based in the City of Nizams. She has been helping people in adopting a balanced lifestyle and a major mind and body transformation. If you need a weight loss plan or looking for motivation to sustain a specialised diet, Deepika will help you find customised choices.

2. Sujata Govala

Dr Sujatha Stephen has more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry as one of Hyderabad’s best nutritionists. She is currently working as a Chief Nutritionist at MaxCure Hospital Madhapur. Sujatha has been interested in many areas of therapeutic nutrition such as diabetics, cardiology and paediatrics. She practises at Nutrilicious to provide her clients with healthy options.

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3. Jyoti Chabria

Dr Jyoti Chabria is a high-quality nutritionist in Hyderabad and has more than 30 years of experience in food and nutrition. She worked with leading diabetologists, cardiologists and gynaecologists in leading hospitals and health facilities. Nutriline is a medical facility where you can consult with her to get customized plans for yourself.

4. Karen Campos Bhatia

Karen is a lifestyle expert, a physiologist and the founder of Vigour Health Consulting. Vigour Health has provided people with nutrition and successful advice to know more about the need of changing their lifestyle choices for their health.

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5. Suresh Kumar Vunnamatla

Dr Suresh Kumar Vunnamatla created DrGeneClinix with more than 15 years of experience in the health and wellness sector. He was a doctor, but he preferred to be a diet and fitness coach to bring more awareness among people in leading a healthy lifestyle.

6. Janaki Badugu

Dr Janaki has been a nutritionist, and long-term health and nutritional mentor for more than two decades now. She emphasis on weight loss, diabetes, pre and post-natal surgery among other areas.

Dr Janaki Badugu nutritionist

7. Varsha Bhanoor

She is a professional nutritionist and a best dietician in Hyderabad helping the people in Hyderabad to follow a healthy lifestyle. Along with scheduled consultation in chambers, she also provides online consultation. She has completed her master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Manipal University and has been practicing in Hyderabad for a long time.

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8. Mayuri Aavula

Ms. Mayuri Aavula who has 9 years of experience in this field, is a dietician and nutritionist working at TruDiet in Kondapur, Hyderabad. In 2010 she graduated from Osmania University with her MSc in Dietetics and Nutritionand now she is also a member of Nutrition Foundation of India.

9. Laksmi Tejasvi

Lakshmi Tejasvi has over 7 years’ experience in health and wellness under various conditions of weight loss, child nutrition, sports nutrition and clinical care. She holds a degree in Clinical & Sports Nutrition and is exceptionally great in providing customized plans.

10. Daniyah Irfan

Daniyah Irfan is a nutritionist, a specialist in life transformation and a potential author in health and wellness genre. She has worked at clinics in Mumbai and Hyderabad and freelanced when online facilities were not available. She believes that a strong childhood foundation is required to stay fit as an adult and to create a healthy nation.

11. Fariha Tanveer

Fariha Tanveer is a Hyderabad based certified dietitian who has completed her degree in Nutrition and dietetics alongside under graduation in B.E.M.S. or Bachelor of Electro-homeopathy Medicine and Surgery. She helps women to battle emotional and physical health through healthy eating habits.

12. Sara Ahmed

Sara Ahmed is a nutritionist and an experienced advisor of health, fitness and beauty. She provides customized diet keeping a close look to your lifestyle, food preferences, medical conditions and work out a plan for the people willing to lose weight or make a fit body. She has been blogging about nutrition for quite some time now and you can just take a look at her Instagram for the same.

sara ahmed nutritionist

13. Ali Mohammed

Ali Mohammed is a transformation specialist and a performance nutritionist practicing in Hyderabad for years. Apart from being a nutritionist, he is also a fitness expert and has designed fitness exercises for different age groups to make it suitable for every individual.

14. Vani Srinivas

With a Fellowship in Applied Nutrition at Apollo Hospitals and a Certified Degree in Human Applied Nutrition from Cambridge, Dr. Vani Srinivas is one of the best nutritionists in Hyderabad. As a doctor and nutritionist, she has an additional advantage in understanding their exact clinical condition and body chemistry and she prepares a personalised diet chart for every client she has.

Vani srinivas nutritionists

15. Deepa Agarwal

Dr. Deepa Agarwal is a prominent Hyderabad based dietician and nutritionist you can contact on Instagram for personalized plans. Her diet clinic offers weight loss dietary consultations, reduction of belly fat, weight gain, a gain of muscle mass, pregnancy diet, diabetic diet, nutrition for sports and a wide array of services. For brides and grooms, specialised and individualised nutrition advice for healthy skin and hair is also provided under her supervision.

Deepa Agarwal dietician

Staying healthy physically also impacts your mental health to a larger extent. So, if you haven’t thought about opting for a healthy food plan and healthy lifestyle, it’s high time to think about it. Consult these expert nutritionists and best dieticians in Hyderabad for everything related to health and wellness and you will be surprised to witness the transformation in your life.

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