Best Oats Brands for Weight Loss in 2022

Oats are one of the healthiest and most valuable grains for the domestic household. They are scientifically named Avena Sativa. After being harvested the cereal plant are processed for use in animal feed, skin products, and food. This super food is a gluten-free whole grain that is enriched with antioxidants, dietary fiber, Vitamins, and Minerals. Oats are one of the underrated grains. However many of us are unaware of the fact and benefits it brings along with it. Which include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, and reduces risk of cardiac diseases.

Best Oats Brands For Weight Loss

Oats are really helpful in weight loss when incorporated into the diet chart. As per the experts, oats can help in weight loss if taken in breakfast. The mid-aged section is practising taking oats in breakfast for weight loss. Whole grain oats can regulate the body’s functioning in multiple ways. This wholesome grain is used for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestion problem, colon cancer, weight loss, and many more to be counted. With changing food habits people are being aware of the superfood and this super versatile grain which convenient to cook.

Types of Oats

Oats are available in a variety of forms, depending upon how they are processed. The health experts suggest adding oats to the breakfast for weight loss. Every individual nowadays has learned about the oats benefits and their goodness. So you need to know about the different variants of oats that are available for weight loss. The following list will make you available with some of its variety easily available in the market.

Types of Oats
  1. Whole Oat Groats:-  Oat Groats are the entire kernel removed from the husk or hull.
  2. Steel Cut Oats:- Steel-cut oats are the whole oat groats cut into two or three pieces using a steel blade.
  3. Scottish Oats:- Scottish Oats groats are the whole oat groats that have been grounded.
  4. Rolled Oats:- Rolled oats groats are the oats groats that have been steamed, rolled, and flattened into flakes. They are dried to remove moisture to increase their shelf life.
  5. Quick Oats:- Quick oats are the oats groats that are steamed and flattened into thin pieces so that they can absorb water in no time and get cooked within minutes.
  6. Oat Bran:- Oat bran is the outer layer of the oat groat.

How Oats Help You in Losing Weight

One of the major concerns among netizens is weight gain, the solution to this problem is adding oats into your diet plan. Oats are really helpful for weight loss due to their nutritional properties. This super food provides essential nutrients such as soluble fiber, carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals which are the promoters of weight loss. Oats help people to feel full for a longer duration of time as compared to other foods that prevent them from frequent cravings. Oats also contribute to decreasing sugar spikes and insulin.

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There are several different variations of the oatmeal intake which people follow for different time duration. You can have oatmeal for weight loss, which makes you stand at 1300 calories per day. This procedure is followed by Reducing it to two meals a day after a certain period. Another way of using oats to lose weight is to have two meals a day consisting of oatmeal where the dinner consists of a lean protein with food like chicken or fish along with salad and cooked vegetables.

From a Nutritional viewpoint, the second method is the healthier option to go for. It provides you with more micronutrients like essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by the body. Oats help with weight loss by providing the body with fiber, which is excellent for the digestive system. However, the fiber in the oats binds with fat in the intestine, to prevent the absorption of unhealthy fat.

How to Choose the Best Oats

It completely depends on you what kind of oats you prefer. However, it’s always in the best favor to choose plain, unflavored, and unsweetened oats. While selecting oats, a few boxes must be ticked. Always check the ingredient list, there should be only one ingredient listed and which is oatmeal. Some things are better in their natural form and should not be hampered. Be careful of the flavored instant oatmeal, as it may have added sugar, extra sodium, and artificial flavors that can be destructive to your health. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you go for pure and unpolished oats.

How to choose the best oats

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Benefits & Disadvantages of Oats

Advantages of OatsDisadvantages of Oats
Reduces the Risk of Heart DiseaseIt can lead to Weight Gain if You are not Careful
Boosts Your Overall Immune SystemIt can lead to malnutrition and muscle mass shedding
Lowers the Risk of Colon & Stomach CancerIt can increase your sugar intake level
Stabilizes Blood Sugar LevelsIt can lead you to gas and  bloating
Improves Digestive HealthIt can lower your appetite if consumed in a large quantity

10 Best Oats Brands for Weight Loss

Among all the meals, breakfast is the one which keeps us energetic for the whole day. Oats are one of the most sorted breakfast options for weight loss. They have gained popularity in the last decade for their quality of being cooked in no time and is healthy as well. Let’s look at the best oats brands you can put your faith in.

Best Oats Brands in India

1. Nutriorg

Nutriorg is an Indian-origin USDA-certified organic brand. The brand balances the seesaw of trust and wellness by providing genuine products to the buyers. The products produced by them are gluten-free. Considered one of the best oatmeal for weight loss. Their price range starts from 130 to 1895 depending on the quantity and type.

2. praakritik

praakritik is a USDA-certified brand based in India. The brand sources its product from the framers from Kerala to give that authentic touch. The products offered by the brand are packed with the goodness of cholesterol-fighting fibers. That makes it ideal oatmeal for weight loss. Pricing of Prakriti oats starts from 72 to 390 as per the type and quantity.

3. Kolln

Kolln is a trusted German brand that provides high-quality products. The brand maintains a close connection with its consumers through its products and services. The USP of this brand is they preserve the outer layer of the grain during the processing of oats which carries high nutritional content. The oatmeal products promote weight loss and healthy living. Kolln ats coasts around 208 to 421 depending upon the type, quantity, and flavor.

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4. Yoga Bar

Yoga bar has tried to infuse traditional and modern food ethics brilliantly. It’s being a brand formed in India has tried to mix and match oats with different flavors to make it a bit more interesting and more nutritious. The brand has taken well care of improving the snacking habit of Indians by letting them be aware of what they are consuming. They produce the best oats for weight loss in the market. The product price ranges from 199 to 774 varying in flavor and quantity

5. Saffola

Saffola is a brand that we all have heard of since childhood. The brand still in the race is an Indian brand that offers 100% natural wholegrain oats. The natural aroma can be sensed in saffola products. The oats offered by them are one among the best in the market for weight loss. They are available in an array of flavors in the market. The starting price of the product is 45 to 1359 as per the packet size and quantity.

6. True Elements

True elements is the only Indian food brand to be globally recognized as both ‘clean label’ and 100% whole grain. The brand provides premium quality oats that are extremely healthy with low carbs, high fiber, and protein. True elements oats are packed with abundant nutritional goodness to give you the energy to sustain the hectic day. The oats processed under the label have benefitted in weight loss. The Oats under the label range from 99 to 266 based on the flavours and quantity.

7. Bagrry’s

Bagrry’s India Limited is an Indian multinational FMCG food- manufacturing company. It is one of the best oats brands for weight loss because of their processing method which is carried out innovatively to ensure great taste and health. The oats under their label comes with a variety of flavors under the label that won’t let you get bored of oats so easily. The pricing starts from 99 to 400 based on packet size and flavor.

8. Cocosutra

Cocosutra is a brand based out in India that delivers 100% gluten-free natural oats high in the quotient of fiber, protein, and iron. The products are highly effective when it comes to weight loss. The products are delicately flavored and filled with healthy nuts, seeds, and dry fruits to enhance the taste and nutrition value. The price ranges from 120 to 950 varying in quantity, size, and flavor

9. Kellogg’s

Kelloggs is an American multinational food manufacturing company. The brand maintains the nutrition balance by selecting the grains straight from the fields and processing them. But the thing to be kept in mind is the fact that the nutrition value should not be hampered. The oatmeal offered by this brand is good for weight loss. They cost from 47 to 320 depending on the quantity

10. MuscleBlaze

Muscleblaze was formed with the idea of providing India with sports nutrition supplements. The Indian brand focuses on the needs and requirements of the consumer. Oats available under the label are high in protein and are full of probiotics to enhance gut health and restore the natural balance of gut bacteria to keep you healthy. The following qualities make their oats products best for weight loss. Their pricing starts from 99 to 768 based on the quantity and flavors.

Oats For Your Overall Well Being: The Verdict

Oats as a whole are highly nutritious grain that comes along with an abundance of goodness and health benefits. They are also the flag bearer of long and healthy life if incorporated into the diet. Oats are good for weight loss because of their high fiber content. Everyone has a different choice when it comes to food. They are available in six different forms, to try. every coin has two sides, and so do the oats. It has many benefits and side effects depending upon the intake quantity.

The craze has increased in recent years. The various brands with different origins and outlooks have come to the rescue to keep the consumer’s interest growing in wholesome food items. People are stepping toward a healthy lifestyle and when talking about healthy food oats are not the one to miss out on. The major factor why people should give oats a try is due to their reasonable price range in which they are made available in the Indian market. Oats are one of the best superfoods to kickstart your day.

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