Oats Nutrition and Benefits That Prompts To Add It to Your Diet


Whether you are considering oats as a breakfast option, or you are adding it to your smoothie or flakes, you are surely making a bowl full of nutrition. Oats are a whole grain that belongs to the grass family of plants. Oats take time to cook in its whole form; thus, they are preferred in rolled, crushed, and steel-cut forms and are mainly eaten as porridge. Being versatile food, you can incorporate them into your meal or can even eat it as a snack.

In recent years, oats have gained a lot of popularity being an incredible source of dietary fibers, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and that is what mainly contributes to oats benefits.

Oats Nutrition Facts

Oats nutrition composition includes almost all that you require for a healthy start of the day. It is loaded with fiber, especially beta-glucan, protein, fats, carbs, and essential vitamins and minerals. Let’s deep dive into the oats nutritional value so that you can decide how much to eat in a day.

Oats Nutrition in 100g Serving

  • Water: 8%
  • Fiber: 10.6 grams
  • Fat: 6.9 grams
  • Riboflavin: 8% of Daily Value
  • Vitamin B6: 6% of Daily Value
  • Folate: 14% of Daily Value
  • Iron: 26% of Daily Value
  • Magnesium: 44% of Daily Value
  • Phosphorus: 52% of Daily Value
  • Zinc: 12%

Oats Calories: A 100 grams cup of oats contain approximately 374 calories.

Carbs: 60 grams (67% of Daily Value)

The 11% carb content of oats is fiber, and 85% is starch. The starch content in oats is different from other grains. We can have three types of starch in it: Rapidly digested starch (7%), slowly digested starch (22%), and resistant starch (25%). And the fiber content found in oats is mainly soluble fiber, known as beta-glucan.

Antioxidants: Oats are a powerhouse of various unique antioxidants such as:

  • Avenanthramides that is only found in oats and can help in regulating blood pressure, and controlling inflammation in arteries.
  • Ferulic acid a type of polyphenol antioxidant found in oats.
  • Phytic acid is known to impair the absorption of minerals.

Oats Protein: 16.9 grams

Oats offer a higher amount of protein than any other grains. 80% of oats protein content is avenalin that is hard to found.

Benefits of Oats

  1. Lower Cholesterol Levels

The major reason for cardiovascular problems is high cholesterol levels. Oats are high in the beta-glucan fiber, which is known for reducing harmful LDL cholesterol levels. Only a half bowl of porridge is enough for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of the heart attack.

  1. Aids in Type 2 Diabetes

Again the credit goes to the beta-glucan content of oats that moderate both glucose and insulin response after a meal, preventing one from type 2 diabetes. A 4-week diet of oatmeal can show amazing results in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

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  1. Boost Fullness

It is a big win to add oats to your daily diet as it keeps you full for a longer time. The fiber content in oats plays a vital role in balancing your energy and promoting weight management by making you eat fewer calories. As per a study, oatmeal is one of the best breakfast food.

  1. Oats Benefits for Skin

It is not only the intake of oats that can prove to be beneficial for your health but even external use can make your skin healthy. Various skincare products and facial masks have oats as an ingredient in them. Colloidal oatmeal can soothe skin itching, treat atopic dermatitis, and reduce psoriasis symptoms. Oats starchiness retains your skin moisture, while its fibrous husk works as a skin exfoliator.

  1. Relieve Constipation

The insoluble fiber content in oats can increase weight and water content in stool, improving intestinal health, and treat irregular bowel movement. Studies have found that oats can help in curtailing the constipation problem, making it easy to pass stool.

  1. Oats for Weight Loss

One of the most prominent benefits of eating oats is that it is effective for weight loss. Oats have low calorie and high fiber content making it perfect for those looking for an effective weight loss diet. As oatmeal keeps you filled for longer hours, you don’t get the urge to add more calories by eating junk and unwanted food. It is time to replace your less-nutritive cereals with oats.

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  1. Protect Your Heart

A variety of oats nutrition and antioxidant are known to protect our hearts.

  • Copper: Western food is often devoid of this mineral, which is necessary for heart health, and oats have decent copper content in it.
  • Fibers: Oats, oat bran, and oat flour have enough soluble fiber in it and can help in reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases. Beta-Glucan fiber also reduces LDL cholesterol and protects our heart.
  • Antioxidants: The presence of antioxidants like avenanthramides protect our cells from free radicals, which further prevents us from heart problems.
  1. Gluten-Free Diet

Those who are gluten-sensitive always look for some healthy gluten-free alternative and believe us nothing can be better than oats as a gluten-free diet. Oats can fulfill the nutritional requirement of people with celiac diseases by providing enough minerals and fibers. But make sure that your oats are not contaminated with gluten. Check with the manufacturer or product label before buying it.

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  1. Control Blood Pressure

When counting the benefits of oats, one can never forget how this whole-grain is used as a medication to lower blood pressure. The antioxidant avenanthramides increase the production of nitric oxide that helps to enlarge blood vessels and promote better blood flow, reducing blood pressure.

  1. Improves Immune System

Wholegrain meals are known to have a very good effect on our immune system. Studies have found that beta-glucan fiber content of oats helps to identify the infection more quickly and then remove the bacteria as soon as they found it. Moreover, the selenium antioxidant present in oats reduces the risk of impaired immune.

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  1. Help You Get Good Night Sleep

Although it is said that oatmeal is a breakfast food, we should never limit it to only breakfast. Oats are even good for a sound sleep. A bowl of oatmeal contains a decent amount of melatonin and complex carbohydrates that release more tryptophan into the brain, which leads to better sleep.

  1. Maintains a Healthy Gut

Our gut contains billions of bacteria, and unhealthy bacteria could lead to health issues. Oats are prebiotic food that helps you maintain a healthy gut. They transfer undigested food to the colon and then promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Oats benefits lie in its high and unique nutritional properties. Incorporating oats to a daily diet can have evident effects on your health and body. Besides, oats calories are significantly lower than other whole grains, which makes it a perfect weight-loss food.

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