Best Organic Tea Brands in India 2022

Setting the mood when it rains outside or giving comfort after a tedious day at work- there’s nothing a hot cup of tea can’t solve. A staple in almost every Indian household, tea is nothing less than emotion for us. But, you can’t just pick up a random tea from the shelf of the supermarket and let it be your companion. So, choose your tea brands wisely.   

Best Tea Brands in India

Do you find it hard to choose the right tea brand for yourself? There are so many tea brands and varieties that it’s okay to get confused. 

So, to make your morning wake-up calls or evening breaks better, we have prepared a list of the best tea in India. Let’s have a look!   

1. TGL

The Good Life has some of the best tea in the world to bring luxury to every sip. They offer some of the most high-quality brews that come with distinctive aromas and flavors. 

Furthermore, they have both international blends and Indian blends to give you an array of choices to select from. TGL’s Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Green tea, Kadak Masala Chai, English Breakfast Tea, and Darjeeling Black Tea are some of the top teas they have to offer. 

2. Gaia

If you are a fan of green tea and you prefer everything organic, then Gaia is one of the best tea brands in India. While putting their focus on delivering healthy products, this tea brand didn’t forget to bring out the best taste as well. 

Besides, Gaia has so many options available, that you might find it hard to choose. Gaia Infusion Moringa, Chamomile, Lemon and Honey, and Mint are some of their bestsellers you can try. 

3. Vahdam

Known for their premium quality, Vahdam offers garden fresh teas, specially blended with healing spices, herbs, and superfoods. It is one of the very few tea brands that take care of your wellness as well.  

Be it green tea, herbal tea, or black tea, Vahdam has a wide range of teas to suit your taste buds. Besides, they also have special iced teas and white teas available for your special moods.

4. 24 Mantra Organic

It is one of the top tea brands that specially focus on providing organic products. 24 Mantra Organic teas are synonymous with authenticity in terms of aroma and flavor. 

If you are thinking organic, then go for the 24 Mantra Organic Assam tea. In addition to that, you can also try Tulsi or Ginger tea to detoxify your body. 

5. Goodwyn Tea

One of the largest tea producers in India, Goodwyn tea is nothing but a luxurious experience hiding behind every sip. They offer premium quality tea as they are freshly plucked 72 hours before packaging. 

If you love Assamese tea, then Goodwyn offers the best tea in the world. However, their chamomile tea, peppermint tea, and Kashmiri Kahwa green tea are also some of the best options you can get. 

6. Organic Tattva

It is another great tea brand in India that offers quality, organic tea that doesn’t compromise the taste. Their tea has a unique earthy flavor that reflects natural taste and aroma. 

Some of the top tea options available in their store are organic Tulsi-ginger tea, green tea, masala-CTC tea, etc. 

7. Chai Craft

If you have a special place in your heart for the teas from eastern India, then Chai Craft is just the right choice for you. It is one of the best tea brands in India offering authentic teas from the gardens of Darjeeling, Dooars, and Assam. 

In addition to that, you can not only get different flavors like Chamomile tea, and Spearmint green tea, but also authentic Darjeeling Black tea. You can choose both tea bags or loose leaf teas from their store

8. Alpino Organic

This is one of the best tea brands in India to offer green tea. The range of green they offer brings a fresh taste. Besides, it is completely organic and free from any harmful chemical additives. 

Alpino Organic’s Tulsi green tea and Lemon green tea are two of their bestsellers. But you can also try their Kahwa tea to detoxify your body. 

9. Herbs N Root

As the name suggests, Herbs n Root is a tea brand offering the most natural tea to take care of your health. They have come up with instant tea options where you don’t have to hustle. Simply open, pour and stir to enjoy your regular dose of chai. 

Try their lemon-ginger, and tulsi-mint-lemon flavors to get into an authentic journey of tea.

10. Butterfly Ayurveda

A brand specializing in 100% natural herbal infusion and teas, Butterfly Ayurveda has Ayurvedic teas as well as Desi chai and single herb teas. Their teas are known for their aroma and flavors. 

While the herbal infusion teas are great for your wellness, the Desi masala chai is there to satisfy your taste buds. Besides, you can also try ginger or cardamom black tea. 

What Is the Best Tea Brand?

While each of the products on our list is some of the best tea brands in India, The Good Life is the best if we consider the taste and aroma. They also offer a wide variety of teas and each one of them stands out on its own. 

Gaia is another tea brand you can opt for as they are also offering so many varieties and that too in a reasonable price range. Besides, their packaging is also great. Vahdam is also one of the top tea brands not far behind TGL and Gaia with the premium experience they offer through their teas.  

However, you can choose any tea brand from this list as all of them offer some of the best teas in India.  

Our assessment is based on the quality of the teas, their source, quality, flavor, packaging, and price range. So first, decide what type of tea you want, and then choose your tea wisely. 

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