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Try These Peanut Butter and Yogurt Frozen Bites For Your Sugar Cravings!

We all love some well-frozen bites, right? To give your health-conscious self some nutritious and yummy frozen bites, Pragya Singh has prepared a delicious recipe in collaboration with Wellcurve for the #InnovativeRecipeChallenge. Imagine the creamy peanut butter and yogurt treating your taste buds with every bite! Well, that is exactly what these peanut butter and frozen delights are all about! The best part about this recipe is that you don’t even need to cook when you are preparing these. It’s very easy to make and only requires a very few ingredients easily available in your kitchen. Have a look at the recipe of these flavorful treats and prepare it at home for some healthy snacking. 

Peanut Butter and Yogurt Frozen Bites Recipe


Greek Yogurt: 1 scoop for each cupcake mould. 

Honey: As per taste preference

Peanut Butter: 1 scoop for each cupcake mould. 

Chopped Mango or any fruits of choice for the toppings 


  1. Add the Greek yogurt and honey together in a bowl and create a smooth mixture. 
  2. Now, put the cupcake liners in the mould and add one scoop of the yogurt-honey mix to each mould. Make the surface even with the back of a spoon or spatula. 
  3. Take one scoop of the super yummy Ritebite Max Protein Peanut Butter for each mould and spread it evenly over the yoghurt mix. 
  4. It’s time to add some pieces of Mango or any other fruits of your choice as the toppings to make it look prettier and taste better.
  5. Freeze these for 2 to 3 hours and now you are all ready to eat your quick and easy, super tasty, healthy frozen bites.

This is an absolute guilt-free snack to treat your small hunger pangs with deliciousness. Do tag us on Instagram and let us know how did you like it.

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