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10 Best Organic Pickle Brands in India 2023

Pickles add the missing zing to countless dishes. They are an irreplaceable part of Indian cuisine. The best pickles are made from specially handpicked ingredients and a flavorful blend of spices. Ordinary, boring daal chawal can be spiced up with a khatta meetha mango pickle dollop! If you have trouble deciding which pickle to buy next, worry not! We’re here to rescue you! Wellcurve proudly presents a list of the best Indian pickle brands.

How To Buy The Best pickles?

If you’re serious about enjoying the spicy goodness of pickles, you have to consider some things. Now, what could these things be? In a pickle? We’ve got you covered! Here are things you need to consider before buying pickles.

  • Avoid buying pickles that are more than a year old.
  • It is best to avoid that have sugar as an active ingredient.
  • Try choosing a brand that has fewer ingredients on the label.
  • It would be best if you chose a brand that has organic vinegar.

Beware: These brands are top-notch. Their pickles will leave you wanting more!

PS: All of these brands are organic and have the best varieties. So you can try them without a looming shadow of worry!

10 Best Healthy Pickle Brands

Pickles are famously called “Achar” in Hindi. Whenever one goes grocery shopping, they sure are a sight to see! The pickle section is brimming with many brands and varieties. It takes a lot of work & effort to get these spicy goods to the grocery store aisle! You might be curious about what are some of the best achar brands. We’ve got you covered!

Best Pickle Brands in India

1. The Little Farm

Yes, get your taste buds tickled with their premium quality pickles! Every jar of the pickle sold by the little farm is made from traditional old recipes. We can assure you that they deliver splendid grandma-style pickles!

Even the vinegar used by them is sourced from natural sources. Isn’t it awesome? The brand provides all their pickles at modest pricing, so you don’t have to worry about the money.


  • All pickles are carefully made from the best ingredients.
  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • Carefully made glass bottle packaging.
  • No harmful artificial preservatives.
  • Long shelf life.

Price:- The Little Farm Co Mango Pickle 100% Natural Pickle is Rs. 320

2. Loreto

Just for your information, they are a big dill! Their pickles are unique in taste and come in super attractive packaging. Their pickles make a great addition to any meal! They offer both traditional and Mediterranean pickle options.

Why not spice up your kitchen and palette with their incredible pickles? Furthermore, their lip-smacking pickles are pocket friendly! So, enjoy their savoury taste and save your money!


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Easy-to-handle glass packaging
  • Addictive, lip-smacking taste
  • No preservatives or artificial flavours
  • Unique varieties of pickles
  • Organic & nutritious ingredients

Price:- Loreto Sliced Jalapenos 350g Pickle MRP Rs. 245

3. Natureland Organics Pickle

This fantastic brand makes its grand entry on our exciting list of best pickle brands in India. The company was founded to bridge the gap between consumers and farmers. They highly understand the importance of organic products and deliver only the best! So, get their mouth-watering pickles and give your meal a savoury twist!


  • Completely vegetarian products.
  • A wide range of healthy products.
  • PET packaging, hence it’s damage-proof.

Price:- Natureland Organics Lemon Pickle 350 Gm MRP RS.165

4. Sri Sri Tattva Pickle

They are a trusted name in the industry of food products. The company is dedicated to researching and teaching the benefits of the ancient science of Ayurveda. All of their products are made with keeping ayurvedic science in mind.

They incorporate holistic production methods in all of their products. So make sure to give them a fair trial and reap the benefits of Ayurveda-infused products.


  • Attractive glass bottle packaging
  • Rice bran oil is used in pickling.
  • Pure spices are used.

Price:- Sri-Sri Tattva Mango Pickle – Rice Bran Oil, 300g MRP is RS. 80

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5. Pachranga’s Farm Fresh Pickle

The company has been experienced in providing excellent quality pickles since 1925! So, they sure make their presence known on our list of best pickle brands in India. However, despite being in the food manufacturing industry, they are not afraid to experiment with new, exciting flavours. They offer unique flavours like lotus stem pickle, Kathal achar, etc.

So, if you want to adorn your pantry with uniquely flavoured pickles, we suggest you give them a chance!


  • New, unique flavours.
  • Budget-friendly products.
  • Damage-proof PET packaging.

Price:- Pachranga Farm Fresh Mixed Pickle – 1Kg MRP is RS. 145

6. The Pickle Factory

The pickle factory is here to make its presence known on our fantastic pickle brand names list. Their pickles have an ideal blend of superior-quality ingredients and savoury flavour. What’s even better is their role in rural women empowerment! Self-help groups specially make the pickles of rural women of the ethnic Mithila region. Isn’t it inspiring? So, bring in the taste of authentic rural India by trying them out!


  • It is made from good-quality ingredients.
  • Empowering rural women.
  • Great taste
  • Affordable pricing.

7. Add Me Home Made Pickle

Add Me Home Made Pickle will have you smacking your lips in joy. But, unfortunately, in the modern day, people don’t have the time and patience to make pickles. But worry not! Add me is here to rescue you. If you want super delicious pickles at pocket-friendly prices, they should be on your list!

Benefits –

  • Handmade pickles
  • More than 40 different pickles varieties!
  • Safe, sealed glass bottle packaging.

Price:- Add Me Homemade Dry Mango Pickle Less Oil 500gm MRP is RS.400

8. Sun Grow Organic Pickle

Just like the sun, they like to serve their pickles hot. So get ready to relish the spiciness and hotness of their delicious pickles! Their especially handpicked ingredients will leave their mark on your taste buds! They also offer exciting varieties like Rajasthani dry mango pickles, Gujrati sweet and sour pickles, etc. Try them asap!

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Benefits –

  • Delightful varieties to choose from!
  • No artificial flavours or added colouring.
  • Leakproof plastic packaging.
  • Vegetarian products

9. The Achaari Nouncha Pickle

The Achaari Nouncha Pickle brings southern goodness to the table. They have both south and north-India-inspired pickle ranges. So, if you want to reminisce about the taste of granny pickles, they are the one! All of their uniquely made pickles will give you the best taste and health. So, do them a fair shake!

Benefits –

  • Clean & fresh glass bottle packaging.
  • Value for money pickles
  • Good quality-controlled product

Price:- The Achaari Nouncha Dry Mango Pickle & Khatti Achaari Black Pepper, 100% No Oil & No Preservative, Homemade Mango Pickles, 500grams (Pack of 2) MRP is RS.480

10. Tops Gold

Tops gold pickles are super popular in India. They provide a wide variety of yummy pickles that will delight your taste buds! Their mixed pickles are super popular and affordable. Additionally, they provide healthy, organic pickles. So, do give them a fair chance.

Benefits –

  • Affordable prices
  • Easy availability and a wide variety of pickles!
  • Safe, sealed, clean packaging

Price:-Tops Gold Mixed Pickle 950g MRP is RS. 165


Pickles are delicious and can be enjoyed with a plethora of dishes. These are a crucial part of Indian cuisine, but nowadays, they are enjoyed worldwide. Some of the top pickle brands in India are The little farm, Loreto, Sun grows organic pickles, etc. We hope you enliven your meals by trying these wonderful pickles brands.

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