15 Quick and Healthy Indian Snacks Packed with Nutrition

Food and hunger go hand in hand. To satiate food cravings, to grab that badly needed bite in the middle of stressful work, to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work with some evening snacks, we look for readily available, tasty options. All these push us towards picking up fatty stuff that does more harm than good. In the long run, this can have many untoward effects on our health. On the other hand, healthy Indian snacks can keep you energetic and happy throughout the day.

It doesn’t mean that one should compromise with food and taste. All we need is to find alternatives that are healthy and full of flavor. Thankfully in India, there is no dearth of options. So, we have listed below some best Indian snacks for you.

Healthy Indian Snacks List

1. Makhana

Makhana Best Indian Snack

The search for a good substitute for junk snacks like chips and puffs never gets over. Thankfully, there is a good alternative in the form of makhana. For the health-conscious, it is a low-calorie option that is full of many nutrients like protein, potassium, carbohydrate, fiber, and minerals like magnesium, iron & zinc.

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2. Beaten Moong

Beaten Moong Quick Indian Snack

This snack has been sold on the streets of India since always and is now finally getting its much-deserved recognition. Now available as a packaged snack, you can easily buy beaten moong from a shop near you, or online. You can consider it in your healthier quick Indian snacks list.

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3. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits Evening Food

Our parents and grandparents have always insisted that we should eat some dry fruits on a daily basis. And, without a doubt, the health benefits of dry-fruits are many. Almonds, pistachios & cashews are some of the popular dry-fruits that are easily available. You can also find premium quality dry fruits online to save time and the hassles of local shopping!

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4. Protein Bars

Protein Bars Best Packed Food

When we think of protein bars, we assume that they will be a packaged bars made with many synthetic ingredients. But, you can also formulate an Indian version of protein bars with household ingredients like Gur, almonds, honey, murmure & channa, etc. So, they are the best example of healthy Indian packaged snacks. If preparing a protein bar at home is too much for you, don’t worry! You can get delightful protein bars price on many online platforms.

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5. Oats

Oats Healthy Snack

Oats are among the healthiest whole grain food available. The whole form of oats can take time to cook, whereas instant oat can be a good option as you can cook them in the microwave with a little milk. For extra nutrients, add some fruits to it.

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6. Gur Chana

Gur Chana

Gur Chana is innovated by some leading organic food brands which bought it to the limelight. Both the taste factor & the nutritional value of this traditional Indian healthy snack are undeniable.

7. Chivda/Poha

Poha Best Evening Snacks Indian

Chivda or Poha, as it is often called, is a popular base for many Indian dry snacks. Most of the Namkeens you find out there have chivda as its main ingredient. It is a wholesome meal that is rich in fiber and a good source of carbohydrate, iron, and essential vitamins.

8. Murmure/Puffed Rice

Puffed Rice

Like Poha, murmure or puffed rice is also a popular base for many namkeens and mixtures that are available in the market. They are light on the stomach and make for a great mid-day snack. This is the best example of a quick and healthy snack in India.

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9. Whole Wheat Biscuits

Whole Wheat Biscuits

The biscuits that we enjoy with our cup of chai are often flour-based and can be bad for our gut health. Thankfully, many organic food brands sell wheat biscuits, which are a much better alternative.

10. Khakhra Chips

Khakhra Chips

This popular Gujarati snack has made its presence felt all over the country. Khakhra is a healthier alternative to packaged junk food and is lighter on the stomach. It is often accompanied by a pickle, which brings the best taste out of Khakhra chips. This is a great choice among many healthy evening Indian snacks.

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11. Fruits


Unlike many other parts of the world, India has always been known to have higher levels of fruit consumption. Having fruits at any time of the day can boost your energy levels and provide your body with all the essential nutrients that keep it healthy.

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12. Tilgul Ladoos (Sesame Seeds and Jaggery)

Tilgul Ladoos

Tilgul is made up of roasted sesame seeds and molten jaggery. This healthy Indian snack has anti-aging properties and is a perfect sweet for winters. Other than this, it is known for curing cancer, preventing degenerative diseases, and defeat anemia issues.

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13. Sprouts

Sprouts Indian Snacks

Sprouting is known to enhance the nutritional value of grain and improves our digestion. They can even taste good if cooked properly.

14. Corn


Corn can be eaten in different ways; one can make corn soup, corn chat, and baby corn Pakodas, etc. It is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates and definitely a healthy and tasty option over any junk food.

15. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri Healthy Snacks

Bhelpuri is a savory that is made up of puffed rice, peanuts, and vegetables, sprinkled with mixed spices. You can load it with nuts and herbs to make it an ideal quick Indian snack.


When it comes to healthy Indian snacks, there are multiple guilt-free options available in India. No matter in which part of the country you live in, you can easily access these in all parts of the country. Moreover, these quick healthy evening snacks will keep you energetic without adding that extra pounds to your weight.


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