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Red Rice Benefits, Nutrition & Side Effects

You must have seen white rice, brown rice, or even black rice widely used due to their nutritive quotient. But have you ever heard of red rice? No wonder you haven’t heard of it because it’s gaining popularity at a slow pace. They are not new players in the market but were there since the existence of regular rice. Red rice is partially or fully covered with husk and gets the redness from a compound called anthocyanin. The compound itself has several medicinal properties and health properties. Red rice is gaining the limelight among fitness enthusiasts as it promotes weight loss. Further in the article, we will dig into the red rice benefits, side effects, and nutritional facts.

Red Rice Benefits

Health Benefits of Red Rice

Red Rice has always been looked upon as a supplement responsible for weight gain and weariness. However, it has countless health benefits which are overlooked. Nutritionists recommend having unpolished rice to get the most benefits out of it. Including red rice in the daily diet can simultaneously help rice craving and weight loss. We help you to learn about a few health benefits of red rice.

Red Rice Health Benefits

Red Rice Good For Weight Loss

Red Rice benefits from weight loss because of its zero fat content. The rice keeps you full for a longer duration and gradually improves your digestive health. Red rice has a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber which makes it a healthy option for weight loss. The compound manganese present in the red rice strengthens and boosts the metabolism and makes it weight loss friendly.

2. Improves The Skin Health

The effective antioxidant properties of anthocyanin can lower the process of aging and UV-infected skin damage. Red rice benefits the skin due to the nutrients it carries in it. The rice is rich in vitamin B6 and iron that helps in Red Blood Cell formation and leaves behind radiant and glowing skin.

3. Can Help Diabetic Patients

A high level of blood sugar can ruin your health and body functions. Red rice is said to benefit diabetes patients because of its glycemic index. The nutrition quotient regulates the insulin level, to balance the blood sugar level.

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4. Red Rice Promotes Hair Growth

Hair is the factor that can make or break your look. Nowadays usage of rice water is used by beauty experts for growth and strength. Red rice’s benefits for hair are excellent all due to the presence of amino acids present in it. The strengthening is acquired from the inositol ( carbohydrate) compound which helps in reducing hair fall. The rice water lets the hair gets tangled easily which leads to less breakage and leaves a shiny effect.

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5. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

If someone is suffering from a heart issue, switching from white rice to red rice will work wonders for heart health. It helps lower the level of LDL cholesterol that gradually lessen the chances of heart disease.

6. Prevents Against Asthma

Red rice has some hidden goodness in it, one of them is it helps in pulmonary functions. Being a rich source of magnesium the rice improves the breathing pattern and oxygen circulation in the body if consumed regularly.

7. Red Rice Good For Bone Health

Red rice is an excellent choice for someone who is eyeing to lose some weight without compromising on strength. Doctors recommend consuming red rice after crossing the age of 40 as it helps in the prevention of arthritis, osteoporosis, and various bone-related difficulties. The rice has a high content of calcium and magnesium.

8. Aids in Digestion

The red rice being rich in soluble and insoluble fiber content helps to ease the bowel movement and boost the digestive health. It is beneficial when it comes to tackling diarrhea and constipation issues.

Red Rice Nutrition Value

It is a healthy staple served in almost every household with curry and veggies. It fits into every culture’s cuisine due to its authenticity. Red rice is highly beneficial for our health as compared to regular-weight rice. Red rice Nutritional values contribute to smoothing the functioning of the body. Let us have a look at the Red rice’s nutrition and calories fact that makes it the healthiest rice.

Total Fat 1.6g, 2% of DV (Daily Value)
Potassium154mg, 4% of DV
Total Carbohydrates46g 15% of DV
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 1.5% of DV
Iron5.8% of DV

Red Rice Side Effects

Despite having a long list of benefits red rice also has the other side to be noted. Red rice can lead to some health issues that can really be discomforting with the goal of healthy living. Here are some of the side effects you need to notice.

Red Rice Side Effects

1. Causes Allergic Reaction

Red rice does not have any severe allergic reaction but it can cause redness, itching, rash, and swelling ( especially on the tongue, throat, and face area). In this case, immediate medical attention can resolve the problem.

2. Excess of it Causes Indigestion

Along with the list of goodness, red rice also has some major disadvantages to serve. Having an excess of it without checking on the calories and potion requirement may lead to gastrointestinal problems such as gas, stomach pain, and bloating. The issue can be resolved with hours by having a sufficient amount of water and some physical activity.

3. Leads to Dizziness

Having larger meals with high content of sugar in them leads people to experience dizziness. The reason for this is you feel full for a longer duration of time but you are also skipping your meal at the same time. Due to this, the nutrition needs of the body are overlooked. This issue can be resolved if you go for a diet plan that has less sugar content and a frequent food intake.

4. Makes Your Skin & Scalp Dry

Red rice water is beneficial in many ways but it also has some disadvantages along the way. The rice water when comes in contact with the scalp creates clots in between the roots when applied to the oily scalp. This leaves the scalp dried and itchy which leads to problems like hair fall, and frizziness and makes the hair stiff.


Red rice is a highly nutritious grain that comes along with uncountable health benefits to be noted. They are the promoters of a fit and healthy life. Red rice has various nutritional facts that help you to deal with various health issues like heart diseases, diarrhea, muscle ache, diabetes, and many more. The rice is advised to consume in a healthy portion to get the most out of it. However, there are some disadvantages to the series as well. The rice if consumed in an excessive quantity may lead to gas, bloating, allergic reactions, muscle aches, etc. the rice should be added into the diet in a definite portion as per body requirements not more or less than that.

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