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Is Stevia Safe? What is the Right Dose of Stevia per Day?

Stevia is a natural sweetener that is derived from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. Being a zero-calorie sweetener, it is considered healthier than other artificial sweeteners. Various studies have even claimed consuming ideal stevia dose daily is effective in lowering blood sugar, treating heart diseases, reducing the risk of fatty liver. But as researches on stevia are still going on, one claim how effective it is in treating the above-mentioned issues.

stevia dose

The type of stevia also can make a great difference. Stevia is nothing but extracts of steviol glycosides, which are further created as rebaudioside A and stevioside. Both these types of stevia are 200-300 times sweeter than regular sugar and are considered safe. But one needs to know that overconsumption of anything can reduce its good effects and in some cases can harm your body.

So, how much stevia is enough? What is the daily recommended dose of stevia? Is stevia FDA approved? You will get the answer to these questions in a while.

A Complete Guide on Stevia Dosage

What Is Ideal Stevia Dose?

As per the FDA, stevia can be sold as a dietary supplement. Earlier FDA approved of 2mg per kilograms of person bodyweight to be safe for humans, but later a study was conducted by WHO (World Health Organization), in which they found that up to 4mg per kilogram of human weight is safe. This is a way much higher than what you need considering the sweetness of stevia.

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