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Super Simple Ways To Eat Healthy Without Following A Diet Plan

For many, eating healthy is synonymous with dieting. But that’s not at all true. Eating healthy may include some major changes in your food habit, but it’s not necessarily a strict diet.  You don’t have to give up on all the foods you have loved before. Healthy eating can also turn out to be delicious, easy to make dishes and the bonus is all the health benefits it provides. If you consume some particular types of foods on daily basis, avoid a few and follow some healthy habits, then congratulations! You have finally entered the world of healthy eating! Well, it’s actually that simple.

Here, we have the simplest version of eating healthy specially prepared for you. Have a look.

Tips to eat healthy without dieting

1. Whole grains are saviours:

Loaded with dietary fibers, whole grains automatically help you in losing weight. Not only that but including more and more fiber in your plan lowers the risk of deadly diseases like cancer. It also improves the blood cholesterol level you are trying to manage for a while. So, it automatically helps in preventing the risks of heart disease and obesity-related problems.

2. Vegetables and fruits at your service:

Not many like having veggies. But that’s where you are doing most of the damage to your body. Fruits and vegetables are not only full of nutrients but also add vibrant colours to your meal. Try to follow the 50 per cent rule that enables you to cover half of your lunch and dinner with vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits

3. Time for some superfoods:

Add more and more superfoods like blueberries, salmon, dark chocolates in your daily foods. These superfoods are known for adding extra nutritional benefits when added to regular foods. They are rich in immune boosting agents.


4. Say goodbye to processed food

This is an advice you have probably received from everyone you have consulted on healthy eating. Processed foods are the most harmful things you can take inside your body. These types of foods are filled with chemical additives that can harm your health to an extent you can’t even imagine. So, pick up natural foods are whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and make yourself a healthy meal.

processed food

5. Be smart while you shop

You may pick up packets of frozen food to make your lunch easier. Well, it can be a time-saver, but not a life-saver. Frozen food is extremely unhealthy and contains saturated fats, processed sugar and many other ingredients that can harm your health.

vegetable shopping

6. Choose your snacks wisely

Snacks are very important to fill your stomach at times before having a full, heavy meal. It is like a workout for your hunger pangs. But if you don’t choose your snack wisely, it can completely ruin your healthy plan. Choose healthy snacking options like granola bars, some delicious nuts or seeds or fruits. But always keep an eye on how much you are consuming.

healthy snacking

7. When it’s about fat, think healthy

Fats are not always bad. It is needed in our body. Besides, some fats are very helpful in balancing the HDL or good cholesterol level in your body. This kind of fat or Monounsaturated fat is present in avocados, walnuts etc. Instead of butter, use olive oil which will help you in metabolizing other fats.

healthy fat

8. No more frequent visits to sweets

If you are thinking about eating healthy, you should also think about eating less unhealthy. If you have a sweet tooth, its time you should curb your sweet cravings. Foods like candy, cakes contain refined sugar and they are very addictive in nature. It affects your blood sugar level largely. So, opt for natural sweeteners like fruits or cereal instead.

healthy sweets

9. Choose lean animal and plant-based proteins

Try to avoid red meats and go for skinless poultry meats or lean animal proteins. Fatty, red meats are responsible of various heart diseases. Also, avoid full-fat dairy products to maintain the all-new healthy regime. You can always go for oily fishes like Salmon which contain Omega-3 fatty acids.

10. Eat. Repeat.

It is always advisable to eat in a smaller portion and eat more frequently. So, just cut your habit to eat three heavy meals a day now. Eating frequently in smaller portion helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level. It also helps in digestion and less calorie intake.

11. Slow eaters are champions

Yes, you have heard it right! Eating quickly not only causes problem regarding indigestion but also tends to increase the calorie intake. So, it’s time to reconsider at which pace you will eat. Stretch meal time to around 30 minutes and chew your food properly before gulping.

healthy eating

Apart from following these tips, bring changes to the basics for eating healthy. Opt for home-cooked meals, never skip your breakfast, try organic foods, and try not to be picky with your healthy foods. Rest, you are all set to start the wonderful journey towards eating healthy!

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