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Stevia: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses and More

What is Stevia?

Also known as Stevia rebaudiana, Stevia is a plant famous for its health benefits. It is counted as a healthy substitute for sugar. Stevia is one of the unique food ingredients because it does not add calories like most sugar substitutes. This sweet-tasting plant is used to sweeten many beverages. It is also used as a herbal supplement and a non-nutritive sweetener. It tastes 200-300 times sweeter than real sugar. Also, it is classified as no-calorie as it has negligible or low calories. Stevia benefits include weight management, diabetes control and many more, but stevia also has its side effects. Let’s read about them in detail!

Stevia Health Benefits

Stevia Benefits

Stevia is amongst the best substitute for sugar and it does not have calories and does not add to the blood sugar levels. In addition to this it has the following health benefits:

Stevia Benefits

1. Good for Diabetics

Stevia has natural sweetening properties that can be altered with sugar. Owing to all these health benefits, it is good for diabetics. It does not have calories or carbohydrates which are an added benefit of using stevia. In addition to this, it is no effect on insulin or blood glucose level. Therefore, people with diabetes can add stevia to their drinks and foods.

2. Helps in Weight Control

Another health benefit of Stevia is that it helps to control weight. One of the prominent causes of weight gain is increased intake of calories. Since Stevia does not have many calories, you can add it to your food and drinks in order to control the weight.

3. May Reduce the Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

It is packed with numerous sterols and antioxidants like Kaempferol. This compound is found to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23%. This is one of the additional Stevia benefits.

4. May Help to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Stevia extracts are believed to dilate blood vessels that increase the sodium excretion and the output of urine. This could help in lowering blood pressure and regulating the heartbeat.

5. Stevia Does Not Cause any Allergy

It is found that steviol glycosides are not reactive and are not mobilized to reactive compounds as well. Because of this reason, there are lesser chances of Stevia causing any skin or body allergy.

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Stevia Uses

Stevia Uses
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Stevia can be used as an alternative to table sugar. Moreover extracts from stevia leaves are available in a dietary supplement. Since it has naturally occurring sweetener compounds, people can add Stevia into numerous foods and drinks for sweetness. Stevia sweeteners can be used in the following:

  • Ice-cream
  • Sauces
  • Desserts
  • Yogurt
  • Pickled food
  • Soft drinks
  • Bread
  • Candy
  • Chewing gum
  • Seafood
  • Prepared vegetables.

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Stevia Side Effects

Stevia Side Effects
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As everything comes with its pros and cons, similarly, Stevia also has its side effects that are as follows:

1. Damage to Kidney

It tends to increase the speed at which the body flushes out water and electrolyte in the form of urine. The primary role of the kidney is to filter and create urine thus; long-term consumption of stevia can damage the kidney.

2. Can lead to Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Some of the stevia products have added sugar alcohols that can give way to common health problems like nausea, vomiting, bloating, and cramping. Another stevia sugar side effect is indigestion and low metabolic rate which can lead to some health hazards.

3. Can Cause Hypoglycemia

One of the Stevia side effects is Hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar, which can be caused due to the increased consumption of Stevia.

4. Low Blood Pressure

Since Stevia helps to reduce high blood pressure, it can also low down blood pressure when consumed on a regular basis. People with chronic blood pressure should consult their doctor before consuming stevia.

5. Stevia can lead to Endocrine- disruption

It is a type of steroid that can interfere with hormones that are controlled by the endocrine system.


Stevia is plant-based and has natural accruing sweetening a compound that makes it an ideal substitute for table sugar. Stevia benefits are popular among fitness lovers, but it should also be kept in mind that there are some stevia sugar side effects. To avert health problems one should consult the doctor before starting the consumption of stevia.

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