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Swap Your Unhealthy Fried Chips With These 10 Healthy Chips That’re Packed With Flavours!

One thing you can take from us foodies is always keeping a bag of chips handy because you never know when those hunger pangs will knock on your door. But when we say chips, we don’t mean your regular unhealthy, greasy, and fried chips that are only good for instant gratification and a few added kilos to your body. We are talking about these great and delicious alternatives that you need to fill up your shelves with right now! 

10 Healthy Chips you need to switch to:

1. Flippies Chipotle Brown Rice Pop Chips

First on the list are these mildly roasted brown rice chips that are made out of brown rice, sunflower oil, and natural flavors. They are packed with proteins, are super low in calories, and have zero cholesterol and trans fat. Can you believe it? They are one of our favorite picks while binging on a late-night Netflix movie!

2. Poshtick Quinoa Crispies

Just as the name suggests, these quinoa crispies are super poshtick (healthy), because they are gluten-free, are loaded with fiber and iron, and are immensely low on cholesterol. They are crispy in every bite and works as a great snack for any time of the day. They come in a variety of flavors, so pick what you like the best. 

3. Tasty Tribe Herbs & Cheese Millet Crisps

If you’re someone who can’t just eat one, then these herbs and cheese millet crisps are all you want. Because they are baked, there is no unwanted oil and cholesterol. Plus them being gluten-free, rich in calcium, fiber, and protein makes them a perfect and healthy alternative to your regular chips. 

4. Open Secret Nutty Chips Spicy Peanut Butter

Aren’t you already in love with them just by reading the name? We were totally sold when we read that these chips are actually super chip sandwiches that are packed with the goodness of nuts, chili, and peanut butter. The best part is that they are not fried, but baked, meaning that you can gobble plenty of them guilt-free!

5. Monsoon Harvest Cracked Black Pepper, Buttermilk & Millet Crackers

Who doesn’t love a good bite of crackers, isn’t it? Monsoon Harvest’s Buttermilk & Millet Crackers is just the perfect member for your daily diet. It has hefty amounts of fibers and a punch of black pepper that gives it that little flavorful kick. These baked beauties are rich in nutrients and low in fat. 

6. Slurrp Farm Choco Ragi Flavor Mighty Puffs

Who could’ve thought of eating ragi puffs over high tea? But if you haven’t till now, then give these a try. Made with natural ingredients including Jowar, Ragi, whole grain, rice, and cocoa, these chocolate-flavored puffs are very low in sugar and very high in calcium, iron, and taste. 

7. Sattviko Methi Khakhra Chips Pet Jar

Khakhra is a light, super crispy, and popular Gujarati snack that is eaten across the country. These wheat chips are made with fenugreek (methi) and whole wheat. They bring with them just the right amounts of fiber and protein. Since they are baked and not fried, they are recommended as an alternative to those trying to lose weight. 

8. SnackWise Vacuum Fried Okra Vegetable Chips

If you do not wish to make a complete shift from friend chips, then maybe take those baby steps with Snackwise’s vacuum fried chips. They are made with real vegetables like okra, ripe banana, sweet potato, garlic, etc. They have no added sugar, preservatives, or flavoring. Because they contain high amounts of fiber and protein, they are great for improving digestion and reducing extra weight. 

9. Bagrry’s Beetroot Chips

Ever thought that you could find beetroot flavored chips? Well, you just did, right here at Baggry’s vegetable chips are 100% vegetable crisps that are gluten-free and high on fiber. They are available in beetroot, okra, and sweet potato flavors. Since they are made out of vegetables, you can polish away these munchies and sleep in peace!

10. Snackible French Vanilla Coconut Chips

Now this one is our favorite because it is so rich in flavors. You cannot imagine the magic that goes in when coconut is combined with vanilla unless you try these chips. Another guilt-free snack, this one is a must-have for pacifying those midnight hunger pangs. 

We hope these alternatives will surely help you eat better and stay healthier!

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