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Sweeten Up Your Summer With This Delicious Yet Healthy Matcha Kesar Lassi!

Lassi is the official drink of the summer season and we absolutely love that glass of sweetened milk and delicious icy froth. But is that much sugar really good for the body? We think not, and so we asked home chef @global_platter to help us with a recipe that was as yummy as a regular lassi, but much healthier.

Known for her interesting and healthy twisted recipes that are even better than the original ones, she did exactly what we expected and came up with this incredible Matcha Kesar Lassi which was made using @tglco Organic Matcha. You can check the ingredients and process to try this tasty lassi at home. 

Healthy Matcha Kesar Lassi Recipe:


1 cup curd

1 tbsp matcha powder

6-7 saffron threads

1 tbsp honey

2 tbsp fresh cream



•• Take matcha powder and pour in some hot water. Mix it well to avoid forming lumps and keep it aside.

•• Take saffron and pour in some hot water and again keep it aside

•• Now take 1 cup curd, add matcha mixture, and saffron water. Add honey and fresh cream.

Blend it all together.

Now all you gotta do is place your glass on the table, add some ice cubes and pour the lassi over them. Serve chilled for best taste!

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