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The Journey of Fitamen: Fat to Fit

Hey all, I am Vaibhav, a 36-year-old Indian who has found Fitamen.KV, trying to pave way for individuals wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

Before jumping straight into my journey, I need to talk about where it started. At the age of 34, I felt pain in my joints and I was not able to run while playing cricket. I attained skinny fat by eating a lot of processed food & sweets.
It’s always challenging to start the journey towards healthier lifestyle as your body will always stop you when you want to make a switch into new things. It wasn’t easy for the first 30 days to accept the diet changes and chronic pains due to workouts. But once the body adapted to the new phase, I started enjoying the process. Initially, it all started as a “ Fit for cricket “ goal. Eventually, I started learning about my body, the nutritional aspect of training, and I started setting some higher goals for myself. From failing repeatedly to running on the cricket field to completing 10 km in 57mins, it was quite a challenge.

After being healthy, I started feeling more confident about myself with higher energy levels, better sleep, better mood, less stress, and increased efficiency in the office as well. At the age of 35, my friend challenged me to reduce the body fat naturally to 13-15% to make my abs visible. And without even acknowledging it, this challenge came as a blessing to me. I did it easily in 4 months with intense resistance training and a calorie deficit diet. And as a definite outcome, the results were fabulous.

So when my wife insisted me to start a Fitness page last year to help people achieve what I did naturally at the age of 35, I took the initiative to start Fitamen. Initially, it came as a hobby for me and I started liking the work, the process, helping out people, etc. Today, I am handling 20+ clients online in Delhi, NCR for their fat loss journey. I plan to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of nutrition along with exercise. I have done a diploma in Advance fitness. Currently, I am doing a course on Nutrition as well.

If you ask me about my advice to people who are trying to get fit, my only suggestion to the people will be very simple. Those who are trying to get fit, start following a regime, keep small goals, and smash them. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop. Also, motivation is nothing, and it won’t do anything for you. Discipline is what gets things done and helps in achieving goals. Nobody can stay motivated 365 days, but one can stay disciplined throughout their lives.

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