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The Never Give Up Mindset – Rohan Mishra

Hi! My Name is Rohan Mishra. I am a 32 years old Fitness Entrepreneur and take immense pride in calling myself one. I am a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and I own a gym too ‘Sprint Muscle’.

Although a qualified Computer Engineer, I have always been inclined towards sports since my childhood. I, in fact, have been a highly competitive National Level athlete while growing up. I am still an athlete at heart and being one has made me who I am today. It has given me that strong character and a ‘never give up’ mindset.


I am really grateful to God that I could follow my passion. I had always dreamt of being a top-notch sportsman but then destiny had other plans. I realised eventually that fitness is my passion, which is, in fact, an extension of sports only. Inspiring health and wellness in people has been my true calling or rather I would call it, purpose. that because for me, it’s more about how can I give back to society.

And when your passion aligns with your purpose, then there’s nothing better than that.


I believe that true discipline always wins over motivation. In other words, long term consistency over short term intensity. I have been training for more than half of my life, day in and day out. There’s no offseason. There’s no shortcut. Being fit, strong from within, and feeling healthy should be a lifestyle and not a phase. Exercising should be like, as I always say, brushing your teeth!

Nowadays, the fitness industry is thriving like anything and so are lifestyle-related illnesses. As people are adopting a more sedentary lifestyle, they are moving far less until its too late. They neither have any control on what they eat. Then there’s another section of people, especially the youth, which is resorting to shortcuts to emulate the physiques of their favourite Bollywood hero. Both the mindsets are harmful to say the least.

Eating healthy, eating fuller, and having a well balanced nutritious diet should be a lifestyle just as is the case in working out and exercising. Its a way of life. Its a discipline you follow.

My idea of the perfect diet regime is simple. It is what I call as – ‘Maa Ke Haath ka Khana’, the healthy, wholesome, natural, and well balanced (in terms of macro and micronutrients) diet approach.


To sum up, I would only say no special diet is required to lead an amazingly fit and healthy life. You just need to provide your body all the necessary nutrients and it will repay you in abundance. And I can really vouch for that. Listen to your body, it tells you everything.

Always remember, consistency is the name of the game. Progress comes from doing what’s needed to be done, every single day, come what may, and not just when you feel motivated.

“Motivation gets you through the first mile. Discipline helps you finish the marathon.”

Follow your passion, feed your soul.

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  1. Ur journey, ur attitude towards life and society is inspiring Rohan. I love to see that ur passion is ur work so u r bound to excel in it. Keep it up dude!!

    1. You’re leading us and inspiring us everyday. Your passion truly reflects your inner strength, discipline and strong mindset. Your small acts are making big impacts on lives, and that is the biggest service! Wish you lots of success, keep up the good work!

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