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15 Yoga Trainers in Delhi you should Follow on Instagram

Yoga is one of the most valued mental, physical and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. It has tremendous health benefits and thus now celebrated and practised all over the world. If you are trying to master Yoga or looking for some yoga tips, here we have listed some of the Yoga trainers in Delhi-NCR to follow on Instagram. 

Yoga trainers in Delhi

1. Ajay Tokas

A Level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher by profession, Ajay Tokas believes in the inner experience of spiritual discipline. He uses discipline as a powerful tool of Yoga to make a path towards self-realization. You can contact him through his mail or social media platforms. 

2. Nidhi Mohan Komal

Nidhi Mohan Komal is a nutritionist turned registered Yoga teacher in Delhi. She focuses on Yoga and a nutritious food regime for a healthy lifestyle. Her Instagram feed is loaded with Yoga instructions, food plans, and everything else you need to know from a fitness trainer.

3. Zubin Atré

Zubin Atré is the founder of one of the most renowned Yoga studio in Delhi, the AtréYoga. Zubin is an expert in Sports Yoga and trains small sized batches for a better Yoga experience. He has refined the ancient asanas by putting emphasis on biomechanics or the study of muscle movement.


4. Shikha Mehra

Shikha Mehra is a nutrition consultant who also practices Yoga side by side. You can directly leave a message on her Instagram account for scheduling personal Yoga classes as well as getting a personalized diet plan. 

5. Seema Sondhi

Located in the Hauz Khas, Seema Sondhi’s The Yoga Studio is a very popular name for the best Yoga classes in Delhi. Even if you are unable to attend the class physically she provides online classes, workshops, and private sessions to make it easier for you. 

6. Mini Thapar Shastri

Known as the Yoga guru among the South Delhi’s elite, Mini Thapar Shastri has been practicing Yoga for nearly three decades. A master in Hatha Yoga, Thapar’s Om Yogashala is rising into fame as one of the top Yoga studios in Delhi. She believes in incorporating Yoga practices with a balanced diet. 

7. Nina Sagar and Varun Sagar

Founders and instructors of ASMYI-Iyengar Yoga in NCR, Nina Sagar, and Varun Sagar are making Iyenger Yoga accessible to all more widely. While Nina Sagar emphasizes the traditional Iyenger Yoga, Sagar refines the traditional Yoga form to make it more useful in the contemporary world. 

8. Shagun Sharma

A full-time mother to a toddler at home, Shagun Sharma is the living example of Yoga reformation. She is a Yoga therapist who believes in simple nutrition. Her Instagram feed is full of Yoga poses and instructions that [people can follow at home all by themselves. 

9. Greta Tigras

Being a regular practitioner and trainer of Yoga and meditation, Greta Tigras works widely with celebrities as well. Although she is based in Delhi, she conducts workshops in different parts of the country as well. Follow her on Instagram and you will get to learn a lot from her posts and live sessions. 

10. Sonakshi Dhamija

If you are a newbie into the world of Yoga, Sonakshi Dhamija’s Instagram page can be your first guide. A Level-1 authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher by profession, Sonakshi puts detailed Instagram reels and IGTV videos of Yoga postures with instructions. She is the founder of Antar Yoga, an online Yoga learning platform.

11. Rohit Yadav

Rohit Yadav’s Instagram is a treat for anyone who wants to begin their journey in Yoga. A certified Yoga teacher by profession, Rohit posts detailed videos of asanas for his followers to practice at home. He is a specialist in Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa flow.

yoga trainers in delhi ncr

Rohit Yadav on Instagram.

12. Gyanendra Shilpkar

A professional yoga trainer at Cure Fit, Gyanendra Shilpkar proudly calls himself a Travel Yogi. He is very inclined to outdoor Yoga. His social media handles are filled with Yoga forms and pose from where you can take the first step towards Yoga practices. 

13. Shruti Garg

Shruti Garg is a young Yoga professional who founded the fitness initiative, Bliss Yoga. She has a Master’s degree in Yoga Science in her prized possession as well. Shruti posts online Yoga videos and conducts online classes as well.

14. Rinki Arya

Rinki Arya is the founder of a Delhi based Yoga center, Vimal Yoga. As a Yoga practitioner, she puts emphasis on healthy food consumption. Her social media walls are a treasure for everyone seeking a healthy change in their lifestyle. 

15. Sachin Singh

A fame raised from India’s Got Talent stage, Sachin Singh is now a well-known name as a Yoga instructor. Sachin focuses on Yoga as the core component of his fitness instructions. His expertise in Yoga is very prominent in his Instagram posts.

While physical fitness can be gained in many ways, mental and spiritual well beings are often overlooked. Yoga is the best way to pave your path towards a wholesome fitness experience. Yoga needs no mandatory equipment and it can be practised at home with an expert by your side or through online classes. So, what are you waiting for? Start your Yoga routine for better health.


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