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Tips And Tricks That’ll Help You All Say No To Crash Diets- Karishma Shah

To understand the whole fuss around crash diets, it is important to know about the basic psychology behind food and eating it. A lot of people define their relationship with food according to their relationship with other people, themselves, or their mind. People indulge in overeating, emotional eating, and binge eating because they can’t control their emotions. This pattern of feeling guilty about overeating and gaining weight converts into a cycle. And this is the break-even point when people tend to go on crash diets. This could include not eating the whole day, or eating the same thing throughout the day, living on a liquid diet, etc. These kinds of abstract concepts of making the body go through unconscious diets and routines turn into unhealthy cycles that have never resulted in healthy outcomes. 


The crux of this whole thing is that if you start learning to build a mindful relationship with food just like we do with people, things can look better. If we have a health-conscious and spiritual relationship with our food and consume nutritious food that nourishes our body, mind, and soul, we will easily be able to break through this concept of crash dieting and do our bodies a big favor. 

I am breaking down the popular myths that are being circulated with a yo-yo or FAD dieting right here for you all so that we can win over this fight against crash diets. 

1. Keto Diet

Firstly, it is not meant for everybody. Do not feed your bodies with such massive amounts of fats. Not everyone knows how to assimilate and digest all those fats. There are certain protocols that people need to follow when on a Keto. You cannot just do it for six months and then completely pull yourself out of it. Your body will go through a major downfall once you leave it. 

Keto Diet

2. Juice / Soup / Detox Diet

It claims to melt away your fats or rejuvenate your body. Doing temporary liquid diets will not completely erase or stop the chaos inside your body. You need to build a healthy relationship with your food under professional supervision who can guide you in the right direction. They formulate things that suit your mental, physical, and emotional needs as well. 

Detox Diet

3. Yo-Yo Dieting & Inconsistency In Following Through Protocol

I believe there is some sort of coaching and learning involved to understand our body and the lifestyle changes it is going through. You will need an expert who can help you identify where the problem exists. Your body doesn’t understand that it has to maintain certain protocols and follow a routine. But with proper coaching and learning your body will start adapting to the changes and the lifestyle you are trying to provide and more importantly follow it regularly for great results. 


To teach our bodies and minds more so, we have to make certain life goals that we need to tell them and why we need those changes. We need to tell our mind and body why it is important to be healthy and follow a certain lifestyle, for the same, we need to train them in a certain way. We need to build a relationship with our food, by being very cautious of what we eat, and building a very healthy mindset. We need to learn to regulate and deal with our emotions, not through our food choices but by channeling them in different ways. These factors will help us keep away from crash diets and make things difficult for our bodies. These are long-term sustainable ways to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

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