15 Nutrition Experts In Mumbai To Consult For A Healthy Regime

If you want to stay healthy and fit, it is important to know what you are consuming. The nutritional values of the foods you take decide your well being. But how can we know what should we eat and what should we avoid? That’s where nutrition experts come into action. They are the professionals who can save you from eating toxic things and help you in living a long, happy, healthy life. If you are a resident of Mumbai, we have brought you the names of some Nutrition experts in the city. Have a look!

Nutrition Experts in Mumbai

1. Geeta Shenoy

With nearly 29 years of experience, Geeta Shenoy is the leading name among the nutritionists in Mumbai. A sports nutritionist by profession, she works especially to solve obesity problems, hormonal imbalance and provides medical nutrition therapy as well.

2. Zubeda Tumbi

Zubeda Tumbi is running the Health Watch Nutrition Clinic since 1990 with three mantras: Prevent, Protect, and Reverse. With nearly 31 years of experience, Zubeda is a specialist in preventive nutrition, weight management, community nutrition, and nutrition counselling.

3. Anjum Sheikh

The founder of Anjum’s Diet, nutritionist Anjum Sheikh offers personalized nutrition programs worldwide. She has expertise in solving various health problems like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, low blood pressure, cholesterol, PCOS, PCOD and much more.

4. Kripa Jalan

An alumnus of Harvard University, Kripa Jalan is taking the job of nutritionists to another level with her initiative Burgers to Beasts. She focuses more on self-reliance when it comes to eating healthy. So, she tries to make her clients understand the foods they are having and why so they can make their choice someday.

5. Neha Ranglani

Neha Ranglani takes pride in calling herself an integrative health coach rather than just a nutritionist. She relies more on understanding the root cause of her client’s problems, provides them with personalized plans, and enables them to take charge of their food habits with self-improvement ideas.

6. Vinita Aran

A nutritionist with 15+ years of experience, Vinita Jain is a well-known name for her belief in eating healthy in simple ways.  She is a certified diabetes educator as well. If you are a newbie in the world of healthy food habits, you can just start with her Instagram posts. They can work as a guide for you.

7. Kejal Shah

Kejal Shah believes in a simplified routine for healthy eating with practical diet plans. She is a celebrity nutritionist who has a specialization in sports nutrition as well. She founded Nutrivity to solve the problems of every person who juggles between a busy life, food choices and an urge to stay healthy.

8. Karishma Shah

Karishma is an integrative health nutritionist and weight loss expert who has also received recognition as a certified plant-based chef.  She provides weight loss coaching and health management services to provide a sustainable plan to match your food habits and lifestyle. You will also get delicious plant-based recipes from her Instagram and YouTube channel.

9. Khyati Rupani

A winner of the Times She Award in 2020, Khyati Rupani is a celebrity nutritionist based in Mumbai. She is the founder and chief nutritionist of Balance Nutrition, an organization focused on serving people with weight management issues.

10. Hanisi Savla

Hanisi Savla is a clinical nutritionist who also works in solving diet problems related to PCOS, pregnancy and lactation. She is also very well known for her works as a child nutritionist. You can get lots of suggestions regarding different food elements from her Instagram handle.

11. Dhriti Udeshi

If you have just started following healthy food habits, you can just check out Dhriti Udeshi’s Instagram account to get yourself educated on this.  Dhriti believes in holistic wellness and her initiative Newtrition follows the same belief while serving the clients with customized plans.

12. Neomee Shah

Neomee Shah is a certified health coach and nutritionist who focuses on a holistic approach as well as emotional management for designing nutritional plans. She believes that eating healthy doesn’t mean a strict diet. It should be a mean to satisfy the mind, body, and soul altogether.  

13. Monisha J. Chhabria

An alumnus of the University of Glasgow, Monisha is a nutritionist and diabetes educator by profession. She encourages mindful eating and provides various healthy recipes on her Instagram account. She offers a complete meal plan as per individual requirements and nutrition counselling as well.

14. Gayatri Dave

Gayetri Dave has been working for seven years with one single goal of aligning body and mind together through food a healthy lifestyle. A nutritionist and gut expert by profession, Gayetri Dave provides personalized plans for every client, depending upon their clinical conditions.

15. Richa Doshi

Rich Doshi is practicing nutrition for 8 years as a weight loss expert. She also provides customized diet plans for people suffering from PCOS, thyroid, cholesterol, etc.

If you were worried about whom to consult for your personalized nutrition plan, then we have solved your problem. These top nutritionists in Mumbai can show you a new way where healthy eating is loaded with deliciousness.

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