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Types of Pickle: Different Varieties of Pickle Name List

Pickles add delightful spice to any meal! Although they are the best straight out of the jar. Did you know there are many different types of pickles available? If you’re a serious pickle lover like us then you’ve got to know more about the many types of lip-smacking pickles available in the market!

Types of Pickles

15 Pickle Name List

Pickles have been a part of human culture since the age of Egyptians! No Indian meal is complete without the tangy & spicy goodness of pickles. Not only do they remind us of our carefree childhood, but they also add delight to the dish. Let’s have a look at 15 delicious types of pickles that will have you smacking your lips in joy!

Different Types of Pickle

1. Garlic Pickle

Garlic is a precious herb that has potent medicinal properties. However, it makes for a delightful pickle. Even though the recipe varies across each state, it makes a delicious pickle. Furthermore, The medicinal properties in the pickle are due to the presence of compound allicin present in them.

Garlic Pickle

Taste – Varies from sour to sweet

Color – Varies from orange

Popular – Andhra Pradesh (India)

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2. Lemon Pickle

It’s also popularly called “Neembu ka achar”. So, if you love sour then it’s the perfect choice for you. One can easily cut lemons into small pieces, add some spices and salt for some delightful pickles! However, it’s best to eat them in moderation as too much tanginess may numb your taste buds with pleasure!

Lemon Pickle

Taste – Fiery Tangy

Color – Orange to red.

Popular In – Indian subcontinent and North Africa.

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3. Green Chilli Pickle

If you are a fan of hot and spicy, then a green chili pickle is perfect. On our list of various kinds of pickles, green chili pickle is sure to give your taste buds a tingle. Chili pickles are made from either red or green chilies. Furthermore, did you know that you can also combine them with different veggies & spices to give an extra flavor?

Green Chilli Pickle

Taste – Combination of spicy and sweet

Color – Orange to red

Origin – Rajasthani

Popular In – Indian subcontinent


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4. Amla Pickle

Amla pickle is another entry on our list of the pickle name list. Moreover, it also has many health benefits. It is excellent for people with cholesterol, diabetes, or cancer. It’s is made from fermented amla, spices, sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, etc. This spice is a tongue-tickler!

Amla Pickle

Taste – Sweet and Tangy

Color – Orange to Red

Popular In:- South Asia, India, and Pakistan


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5. Mango Pickle

Mango pickle is usually made from raw mangoes. One can marinate the mangoes pickles with salt, turmeric, and other spices. Although there are many delicious recipes, we can still say that mango pickles are genuinely the best.

Mango Pickle

Taste – Savory, Spicy & Tangy

Color – Orange, Red

Popular In– South Asia, India, and Pakistan

Origin – Andhra Pradesh

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6. Radish Pickle

Radish pickle is also known as ‘Mooli ka achar. One can usually marinate it with salt, honey, vinegar for approximately 3 days. This pickle gives the dish a ridiculously addictive zing. You will for sure reach for seconds! Furthermore, it also works wonders in improving digestion.

Radish Pickle

Taste – A blend of sweet & sour

Color – Orange, red.

Popular In:- South Asia, India, and Pakistan

Origin – South Korea

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7. Capsicum Pickle

Confused? Yes, a delicious veggie like capsicum can easily be pickled and made into a wonderful side dish! Moreover, One can use a variety of different capsicum combinations for pickling. Isn’t it fantastic? Mustard oil works well for pickling capsicum.

Capsicum Pickle

Taste – Sweet and Tangy

Color – Orange, Red

Popular In– South American, Mexican Cooking

8. Cucumber Pickle

The cucumber pickle is very popular in western countries. One can make it from dill, vinegar, salt, chill pepper, sugar, and cucumber. They can make a great light snack! You can easily grab a handful and spice up your palette in no time!

Cucumber Pickle

Taste – Mildly Sweet

Color – Green

Popular In – Western Countries

Origin – Ancient Mesopotamia

9. Onion Pickle

Onion pickles are very popular in Indian kitchens. Made from fermenting onions & lemon with a blend of spices, this pickle is here to seal the deal! Furthermore, One can easily add other veggies in the mix to give this pickle a delicious twist!

Onion Pickle

Taste – Sour & Bitter

Color – Red or reddish-orange

Popular In:- Indian cuisine

Origin- India

10. Bitter Gourd Pickle

While many of us don’t enjoy bitter gourd, the bitter pickled gourd is delicious and offers many health benefits. Pickled bitter gourd tastes fantastic with curd and white rice. It’s made from chopped bitter gourd, vinegar/ oil, and a blend of spices.

Bitter Groud Pickle

Taste – Sour & Bitter

Color – Red & Reddish-Orange

Popular In– Indian Cuisine

Origin – India

11. Beetroot Pickle

While pickling beetroot might not be a very famous choice. But it is great for overall health. It’s usually made from beetroot, vinegar, herbs, and spices. Eating beetroot pickles can help purify your blood.

Beetroot Pickle

Taste – Sweet & Sour

Color – Blood Red

Popular In– Indian Cuisine

12. Cabbage Pickle

Cabbage may be a popular salad choice but they can also be made into delightful pickles. It’s popularly made from cabbage, vinegar, and spices. While you may not taste the cabbage very well but pickled cabbage tastes really well with rice and dosa.

Cabbage Pickle

Taste – Sour & Bitter

Color – Red or Reddish-Orange, Yellow

Popular In– Indian & Russian cuisine

Origin – Russia

13. Cauliflower Pickle

On a casual look, pickled cauliflower may look like some regular veggie. But, they are another delicious entry on our different types of pickles list. It is usually mixed with some mango or carrot to give it some extra crunchiness. Sounds yummy, isn’t it?

Cauliflower Pickle

Taste – Sour & Savory

Color– Red or Reddish-Orange, Yellow

Popular In– Indian cuisine

Origin – India

14. Lady’s Finger / Okra Pickl

Okra is a healthy veggie that can be easily made into a pickle. It’s very commonly made from okra, lemon, vinegar, and a culmination of spices. It makes a wonderful side dish to your normal rice and curry.

Okra Pickle

Taste – Slightly Grassy & Sour

Color – Green

Popular In – Indian Cuisine

Origin – India

15. Meat Pickle

Yes! Meatlovers we’ve got your back! Meat pickle is easily made & enjoyed in many areas of the world. Usually, boiled mutton cubes are marinated in vinegar and left to settle with a mixture of spices. The delicious meat pickle will steal the attention of anyone!

Meat Pickle

Taste – Sour & Sweet

Color – Red

Popular In – Indian cuisine

Origin- India


Pickles are an integral part of any dish and fortunately, they are very popular in Indian cuisine. They are usually made from soaking vegetables & herbs in vinegar and spices, but meat pickles are so readily available. Some very popular 15 types of pickles are garlic pickle, lemon pickle, etc. So why not spice up your dinner with some tangy goodness of pickles?

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