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Whey Protein Side Effects: You Must Be Aware

Although whey protein is a powerhouse of nutrients and has a lot to add to the health. Every coin has two sides same applies to whey protein. The protein powder works wonders for one’s body and helps build muscle, mass gain, strength and many others on the list. These benefits can only be enjoyed if it is consumed in proper quantity. Consumption of whey protein in excess portion might lead you into trouble. Whey protein side effects are caused by nothing but due to one’s own carelessness and having more than the body’s requirement.

7 Side Effects Of Whey Protein: You Should Be Aware

Many think the more you consume, the more benefits you will enjoy. But this is not how whey protein works. Practising overconsumption might give way to facing the disadvantages of whey protein. But it can be avoided by taking whey protein powder in the required portion as per the body’s needs. When coming to enhancing overall health, Whey protein powder plays a major role in it. Now, it depends on the dosage that will it benefit you or leave you with side effects. Below we have mentioned a few of them for you to get more clarity.

1. Kidney Issues

When you consume whey protein in immoderate quantity, it might disbalance your general health. Whey side effects on the kidney are a higher risk of the formation of kidney stones and renal problems. Although whey protein might not be the actual reason, it might worsen the condition of the people undergoing the problem. However, to avoid it drink plenty of water and consume more dietary fibre.

2. Liver Problems

It is advised to take whey protein as per the doctor’s suggestion. Consuming it in an abnormal amount might degrade the liver condition, especially for the one who is already facing some or other health issues related to the kidney. The problem mainly arises within individuals who consume too much whey without a regular workout and physical activity. Always look for premium whey protein brands to get less affected. Cheap quality whey might deitiot your health in case of excessive consumption.

3. Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Overconsumption of whey protein can affect heart health and lead to heart arrhythmia, cardiac arrest and several heart-related problems. As whey protein powder side effects occur because it has high protein content, and excessive dosage of it highers the level of saturated fat, increases blood sugar level, and also higher acidity level of the body, which leads to the dysfunctioning of the heart.

4. Develop Fatigue & Weakness

Whey protein takes time to get digestion. As whey is heavy to digest, it leads to indigestion, especially with slow metabolism people. This leads to extreme fatigue and weakness. People also face the issue of bloating, gas, cramps, etc., due to whey protein consumption in immoderate portions.

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5. Increase Blood Acidity

Whey protein powder decreases the pH level of the blood, which should generally range between 7.35 to 7.45, as whey protein is extracted from animal milk that is acidic in nature and therefore increases the blood acidity level. The adverse effects of it are only faced when consumed more than the required amount.

6. It might lead to Diarrhoea

As whey is made from animal milk, it is not suitable for lactose-intolerant people and also for the ones who are not physically active. Some people face difficulty digesting lactose which leads to gas, bloating and diarrhoea. Doctors suggest consuming whey protein in a remitted amount ad per need, and overconsumption might lead to diarrhoea.

7. Swelling of Throat & Mouth

In adults, this is not so common. About 80% of people with cow’s milk allergy outgrow this health condition at a very early age. When whey protein side effects hamper people’s health, it includes hives, swelling of the face, tongue and throat swelling, as well as a stuffy nose. This can be cured by lowering the intake of whey protein.

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The Bottom Line

People mainly use whey protein as a supplement that supports intensive exercise. Whey protein when taken in a healthy portion as per body requirement. But when it is consumed in more than the required amount of whey protein, side effects begin to hamper health. It’s best to go for whey protein in moderate amounts by following rigorous, intensive exercise and a balanced diet. Before starting the consumption of whey protein, consult the doctor and understand your body’s needs and then go for it.

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