10 Best Dieticians and Nutritionist in Kolkata Will Guide You the Best

Although many people want to eat healthily and take their life to the right turn towards health and wellness, they often don’t know where to begin. To keep yourself healthy and encourage other people to adapt to a healthy eating habit, one needs to get proper expert advice. There is a lot of misleading information on diet and nutrition everywhere that can harm your health instead of improving it. So, it is time to go for a professional’s opinion before you switch your regular eating habits. If you are in Kolkata, consult these nutritionists and dieticians to guide you for a healthier lifestyle. Let’s have a look on best dieticians and nutritionist in Kolkata.

10 Best Nutritionists and Dietician in Kolkata

1. Dipika Singh

If you are finding it hard to adjust healthy foods with your hectic schedule, then Dipika is the one to consult. Dipika believes that nature’s power is the supreme force in healing health naturally and she tries to incorporate the same in the plan she will provide you. She tries to avoid the dreadful diet plans, unnecessary exercises and customize the plans as per your requirement.

Dipika singh best nutritionist in Kolkata.

2. Ananya Bhattacharya

Being a certified lifestyle and wellness coach for over 12 years, Ananya Bhattacharya is a well known therapeutic nutritionist, wellness speaker, and expert in diet planning. According to her belief, food is the best available medicine to work in favor of preventing health-related problems. She offers health & wellness programs and diet counseling to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle.

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3. Pallavi Dhoot Jalan

Pallavi is the founder of Eat 2 Live Nutrition and Lifestyle that focuses on sustainable living through healthy eating. Pallavi believes in a holistic approach to nutrition and attempts to provide plans by following it. You can get healthy and delicious recipes from her Instagram feed if you are trying your hands on cooking healthy foods. 

4. Swapan Banerjee

Swapan Banerjee’s Diet-Fitness is a diet cum nutrition consultancy to offer healthy diet plans and other fitness tips to people suffering from various health issues. He is an internationally reputed, FAO, CPD Global & FSSAI certified best dietitian in Kolkata who provides detailed customized diet plans just to fit your lifestyle and health issues exclusively. 

Swapan Banerjee best Dietitian in Kolkata

5. Shreya Chakraborty

A well-known name among the dietitians in Kolkata, Shreya Chakraborty emphasizes on understanding her client’s lifestyle. She tries to provide a customized diet chart for each client to tackle weight issues and other health-related problems. If you are suspecting that your lifestyle choices are one of the primary factors affecting your body weight, then Shreya is the person you should give a visit to.

Dietitian Shreya Chakraborty

6. Nidhi Prakash

Having a post graduate certification in Diabetes Education from International Diabetes Federation (USA), dietitian Nidhi Prakash is a well-renowned nutrition expert in Kolkata. She also holds a Certificate in Food & Nutrition and she has been providing expert advice to over 4000 patients in her 8 years of practicing. You can take an appointment and reach her residential clinic Nidhi’s Healthy Living for a diet plan.

Nidhi Prakash sports nutritionist in Kolkata

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7. Ankita Das

Ankita takes pride in calling herself a Yogini apart from being a certified weight management specialist. She is a sports nutritionist in Kolkata with a diploma in dietetics health and nutrition. If you are trying to get a plan for a healthy lifestyle with both a diet chart and an exercise plan, she can surely help you out. She encourages the practice of Yoga in daily life along with healthy foods in your daily life.

8. Meenu Agarwal

Founded in 2014, Meenu Agarwal’s Food ‘N Wellness deals with disease management, weight management with the core emphasis on food as medicine. She is a clinical dietician in Kolkata who provides detailed meal plans for various medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, acidity, arthritis, Pcod, IBS, etc. Practicing for more than 7 years, Meenu also provides solutions related to child nutrition and sports nutrition.

9. Nutritionist Rashmi

A self-motivated nutritionist in Kolkata with a great passion for nutrition, Rashmi’s nutrition consultations are focused on creating personalized meal plans to meet the needs of each client. She tries to avoid any kind of health supplement or medicine for maintaining healthy food habits and depends on natural supplies. She is strongly against the method of starving oneself just for the sake of weight loss.

Nutritionist Rashmi best dietician in kolkata

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10. Smriti Poddar

A certified clinical and sports nutritionist by profession, Smriti Poddar offers balance diet plans to reach your desired fitness goal within the specific time frame. You can reach her through her Instagram DM and get an appointment for practical diet plans to suit your need.

These nutritionists and dietitian in Kolkata are really helpful to show you where you should begin for healthy eating. It is not completely true that you need to give up on your favourite foods and you won’t get delicious meals when you are shifting to nutrient rich foods. These nutrition experts will keep an eye on all of your underlying health conditions and your food preferences when they make a healthy meal plan for you.

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