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7 Kolkata-Based Accounts To Follow for Fitness Motivation

If the very word Kolkata reminds you of spicy puchkas, or saucy rolls and sweet rasgullas, then it’s clearly time for you to peep into your healthy meter.
While no one has ever said NO to tasty food, balancing your meals will always help you indulge and yet stay healthy. And Wellcurve has never shied away from helping foodies switch to a healthier lifestyle. 
Just like you have a curated list of the best food stalls in Kolkata, we have one for the best fitness experts who will help you shed those extra calories.

1. Soumita Datta

She is a corporate UI/UX designer by profession and a bodybuilder by passion. Soumita has many achievements in bodybuilding shows nationally and internationally. She is a bodybuilding coach and fitness expert who promotes healthy living.

Best Dieticians in Kolkata

2. Sougata Kumar Pal

He is a mariner by profession who love exploring new places and meeting new people. Sougata’s passion lies in fitness. He strives to motivate and influence people to inspire people to make fitness part of their daily life.

Best Nutritionist in Kolkata

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3. Sheikh Anas

He is a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilding expert based out Kolkata. He is a coach and model who won multiple prizes at Flexmania 2022. He offers free tips, bodybuilding advice, and diet plans.

Best Dieticians and Nutritionist in Kolkata
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4. Loukik Das

Loukik is a fitness model and fitness influencer. He is also a Photographer, Model, and Entrepreneur. He provides fitness and diet tips to help you on your health journey

Loukik Das Best Dieticians in Kolkata

5. Ananya Bhattacharya

Ananya is a nutritionist offering tips for anyone looking to make healthy and clean eating a part of their lifestyle. She believes in simplifying fitness and nutrition for her audience.

Ananya Bhattacharya

6. Ankita Das

She is a Sports & Performance Nutritionist and a Fitness Consultant. Ankita has a Diploma in Dietetics Health and Nutrition and a Masters in Supplementation. She specializes in Weight Management

Ankita Das - Nutritionist in Kolkata

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7. Smriti Poddar

She is a Certified Clinical Sports Holistic Dietitian who has been in the industry for over 8 years. Smriti is also a lifestyle and wellness coach. She is a nutritionist who specializes in Intuitive Eating, Balanced & Sustainable Diet and Fitness

Smriti Poddar

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These nutritionists and dietitians in Kolkata are really helpful to show you where you should begin for healthy eating. Did we succeed at making you want to switch to healthy? If we did, then find more such experts and their tips at your fingertips with Wellcurve. If you’re still confused about what to choose, then come to Wellcurve and Expert Se Pucho

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