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10 Talented Yoga Trainers & Studios In Hyderabad Which’ll Make You Wanna Take Their Classes RN!

Yoga is great for those who believe in calming their mind and body both. Every asana we practice in yoga affects a different part of the body and makes it healthier. The stretches, the bends, and the push and pulls help your body get its balance back and feel relaxed. If you live in Hyderabad or are keen on taking online classes from the best yoga trainers in the city, then here’s a detailed list of the 10 yoga trainers in Hyderabad. Check it out!

Yoga Trainers/Studios in Hyderabad

1. Ramya Pastakia 

Ramya Pastakia is a certified E-RYT with 8 years of teaching who is currently studying samkhya. She is a daunting mom to her little munchkin and is also the founder of Yogatattva studio. She is an avid practitioner and teacher who is changing the world into its healthier version.

2. Priyogahyd

An engineer, pilot, and yoga trainer, Priyanka is a total go-getter. Her aim and Instagram bio are all about “Bring balance and purpose to life and the mat”. She travels across the country to attend yoga training sessions to become better at her job. 

3. Pallavi Marshall

An ex-corporate employee, Pallavi is a yoga devotee now. She believes in a holistic approach to health and hence her yoga is not complete without meditation. Her Instagram feed is a breath of fresh air and would want to make you get up and try some of the asanas.

4. Vidya

Vidya is an Engineer who is also an Internationally certified Yoga Trainer. She believes that everyone should do yoga because “we are all worth it”. By practicing yoga, she is on the quest to find balance in her life on and off the mat. 

5. Vaishnavi Jaiswal

With 300 hours of yoga teacher training, Vaishnavi is a verified yoga instructor. Her feed tells us that she is not just a trainer, but a yogini with style. Her messy buns and stylish athleisure would definitely make you join her classes. Check her feed and thank us later. 

6. Rina Hindocha

Rina is a certified yoga trainer who practices yoga to fuel her life. She is also the co-founder of Touch a life foundation, an NGO that works for girl empowerment. She is surely a beautiful human from the inside and out. She regularly conducts workshops and takes online classes for her students.

7. Harikas Yoga

A Certified yoga instructor with her M.Sc degree, Harikas is a devoted yogini. Her feed is not only giving us major #yogagoals but she also talks about the benefits of eating healthy. Fresh air and damp grass fields define her perfect place to practice and meditate.

8. Meghna Iyer

Meghna is a certified yoga trainer from Indeayoga. She is a prominent speaker of mental health and yoga and has been a part of several workshops. She calls herself “an Ashtanga practitioner who is seeking peace and beyond through sadhana”.

9. Sharmila’s Yoga Studio

With 200 hours of teacher training, Sharmila has RYS-200, E-RYT-500, YACEP (YA) degrees under her belt. She teaches yoga at her studio which is a huge hit among yoga enthusiasts in Hyderabad.

10. Lalitya Nutakki

Lalitya is a new mom who is enjoying yoga more than ever before. With a kid to look after 24*7, the mother needs to be active and healthy, and that is what yoga does for her. She also practices yin and meditative therapy to completely calm and relax her body and mind. She is a yoga trainer who likes to pose in her ghagra choli.

We hope these ten gorgeous women have motivated you enough to get in your yoga pants and give those asanas a try.

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