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“You Can Choose Your Hard, So Choose It Wisely”: Aditya Verma

What’s the hard you want to choose? When I get this question from people or whenever this question pops inside my mind, I have only one answer to it. I just say, “You know what, everything in life is hard.”

Hey, I am Aditya Verma and I hail from Delhi. I am into fitness and I just love working out. So when I say I am into fitness, it may look like it’s an easy job to achieve your fitness goal. But believe me when I say that being fit is hard.

Being fit is hard, obesity is hard. It’s very difficult to be happy all the time without doing anything. If we want to achieve something in life, we have to come out of our comfort zone. Here, I am sharing my 70 days of fitness experience with you where I’ve faced lots of challenges. And believe me, I’m still facing it because no challenges can stop me now. I have learned one thing the hard way that all you need is to believe in yourself.

During my transformation what I’ve experienced is that people in the gym used to stare and no one appreciated my workout the way I used to do. But after seeing my transformation over constant hard work, now same people come to me and ask how I achieved that body in 70 days.

I have learned that the key to achieving your goal is consistency and dedication towards it. I had to follow the same routine and the same food every single day. In the beginning, I use to enjoy it but later it just started getting boring. But I never stopped even amidst the boredom because I believe in myself that I can only achieve my goals with the same amount of dedication I put at the very beginning.

Last but not the least, I have never doubted my trainer Anurag and my dietician Lakshita and I work with both of them for proper guidance. Because we all need a mentor in our life to direct us rightly on the path we are walking to achieve our goals.

You can choose your hard, so choose it wisely. Nothing is easy in life and you have to pay if you want to achieve something.

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