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Researchers have found that both green tea and green coffee contain health-promoting properties that boost your metabolism, aids in weight management, and improves overall health. But can we choose one over another? Is one better than the other in case of health benefit? It is hard to say, but yes you can understand their properties and decide which one you want to prefer, or whether you want to include them both to your daily diet.
Aloe vera juice has various health benefits, but a question always lingers in our mind, how much aloe vera juice to drink daily. It depends on various factors. Although there is no specified limit of it, but still there is an ideal dosage which majorly depends on for what purpose are you having it, and what is your weight and size. Getting the right dose of aloe vera juice will help you achieve quick results. So, here we are with the tips to let you know how to drink aloe vera juice.
Stevia is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener that is considered healthier than sugar and artificial sugar alternatives. But is stevia safe to use in regular cooking? Most of the studies claim it to be safe, however, one should always consume the recommended daily dosage of stevia to stay away from its ill effects. Being 200 times sweeter than regular sugar, it is consumed in less quantity, but still, if you are wondering what the ideal dose of stevia is, then read along, you will get your answer.
There are numerous health benefits related to apple cider vinegar, including that it helps in the weight loss regime. The acetic acid present in the vinegar helps in curbing the appetite, which further restricts your calorie consumption and leads to weight loss. Although it should never be consumed as it is, there are various ways of how to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss, which we have explained in this section.
Summer is all set, which means picnic time is upon us. Readymade snacks are a great addition to your picnic packing. If you feel no way to choose between loads of best picnic snack pack, nothing is surprising. Therefore, it is important that you should know the delectable and healthiest on-the-go picnic snacks. Know about the best munching snacks for your outdoor party.
Keeping up with your growing child’s changing nutritional requirements and changing tastes can be difficult. If their unhealthy snacking choices are stressing you out, try these healthy yet tasty school snacks that they can’t say no to. Bonus: We have also listed the best after school snacks to make snacking a healthy experience. Each item listed is high in nutrients, low in calories and super-easy to pack. So drop those sugar-filled cookies and salty chips and go for these healthier alternatives instead.
The key contents of this article are the top alternatives for sugar. The disadvantages of using sugar are well known and thus begins the search for sugar substitutes that are healthy and tasty. This article gives you an insight into the substitutes offered for sugar. These alternatives are new, unique, and worth giving a try. The calorific value of these sugar substitutes is very low and works for all types of people.
Protein Bars are snack bars and the best substitute for Chocolates and candies. Unlike chocolates, Protein Bars are full of proteins, natural fibre, and have zero trans fats. Nonetheless, when several brands are offering a wide range of protein bars, each with a different flavour, which one to pick? To get through this dilemma, we have curated a list of 10 best protein bars in India from top brands to choose from, including Yoga Bar, RiteBite Max Protein, etc.
This article highlights the best stevia brands in India. It is of utmost help to the consumers. The consumers can know better and choose better with the help of this precise guide. You get to know what’s working for people and which stevia brands are effective. The prices along with the quantity, are also specified here. You can open up your options and choose the right stevia brand with the help of this article.
Oil is an essential part of Indian cooking, as it affects the taste, texture, and color of the food. Pick the best cooking oil for health to avoid heart diseases and promote a healthier lifestyle. Here you can look at the top 15 cooking oils to prepare finger-licking food without hampering your health and weight loss regime.
Snacks are an important part of our daily diets and keeping them healthy can have a profound effect on our health & well-being. When it comes to snacks, we often end up eating a lot of junk & fried food that is easily accessible, for example, buying a bag of chips or a hot samosa is really no struggle. But in the long run, this can have many untoward effects on our health. The need here is to find alternatives that are healthy and full of flavour. Thankfully, in India there is no dearth of options. Here is a list of healthy & instant Indian snacks that will keep you away from all the junk:
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