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Butterfly Ayurveda develops, manufactures and markets Ayurvedic products. They deal with different products ranging from immunity boosters to herbal tea and cookies to ayurvedic medicines. You can try their health-oriented range of products with the goodness of Ayurveda. Their aim is to help people live healthier lives and integrate health into their daily lifestyle. Shop Butterfly Ayurveda online through Wellcurve to get superfast delivery at your doorstep.

Why Should You Choose Butterfly Ayurveda?

The brand uses raw materials from the most reliable vendors to ensure sustainable methods for cultivation and harvesting. Many of them also have organic farms, and they encourage the farmers to grow herbs and spices organically for the best taste and health!

They believes in keeping the products’ freshness intact and ensuring that the raw materials’ organic quality is not compromised. They get all their raw materials tested before they are considered for production! The best part is that the brand doesn’t use plastic for its packaging and is 100% eco-friendly.

Ayurvedic Way To Healthy Living!

It’s time to switch to healthy living and healthy eating that makes our body fit, not fat! Butterfly Ayurveda presents a range of 100% natural products with no artificial flavors, colors, scents, or preservatives. Their products are a unique blend of traditional knowledge and modern technology. They are infused with high-quality ingredients and the goodness of Ayurveda that keeps your mind relaxed and your body happy.

Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Products:

  • 100% organic
  • Chemical-free
  • Supports digestion
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • Boosts Immunity

Wide Range Of Butterfly Ayurveda Chai Available At Wellcurve:

  • Masala Chai
  • Tulsi Green Tea
  • Ginger Black Tea
  • Cardamom Black Tea
  • Suprabhat Chai
  • Saanjh chai
  • Ratri Chai
  • Infusion Tea (Rose Petal/ Moringa Leaf/ Mulberry leaf etc.)
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