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    Omay Foods Beaten Chana Snacks

    About The Product

    Beaten Chana or chickpeas by Omay foods is a high-quality binge eating a snack. They are charged with proteins and are prepared using no oil as they are roasted with some spices in order to reach the perfect taste and health.

    Health Benefits

    1. Protein-rich
    2. Fibre keeps you satiated
    3. Increases bone strength

    How To Consume: Can be added to the salads or serve them with chilled drinks.

    Omay Foods Beaten Chana SnacksProtein Rich,Vegan


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  • Omay Foods Flax seed
    Omay Foods Flax seed
    • High in Omega 3
    • Vegan, 100% oil-free, roasted snack with no added sugar
    • All spices are original and processed in-house to retain all the natural goodness
    Omay Foods Flax seedProtein Rich


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  • Omay Foods Ginger Hazelnut Seeds
    Omay Foods Ginger Hazelnut Seeds
    • 100% oil free vegan snack
    • All natural ingredients which are sun-dried
    • Roasted healthy snack
    Omay Foods Ginger Hazelnut SeedsProtein Rich


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  • Omay Foods Mix Seeds
    Omay Foods Mix Seeds
    • No added sugar
    • Rich in fiber
    • Vegan
    • 100% oil free
    Omay Foods Mix SeedsProtein Rich


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  • omay-foods-navratan-mix-100g
    Omay Foods Navratan Mix Snacks

    About The Product

    Omay Foods has set in motion this Navratan Mix snack that comes with a two-way approach of health and taste. The Navratan mix is put together using nutrient-dense ingredients like moong, chickpea, millets, red lentils, dry ginger, cinnamon, rice flakes, black pepper, cumin, clove, etc.

    Health Benefits

    1. Keeps you full.
    2. Free from oil
    3. Roasted snack

    How To Consume

    Consume it directly from the pack at any time of the day.

    Omay Foods Navratan Mix SnacksProtein Rich,Antioxidant


    75.00 ADD
  • omay-foods-solid-soyabean-160g
    Omay Foods Solid Soybean Snacks

    About the product

    Omay Foods Solid Soyabean is a snack that will pep up your day or any time of the day with its goodness and zesty masala. The soybean seeds that are high in protein, dietary fibre and are filled with micronutrients. The soybean seeds are full of vitamin E, B1 and zinc.

    Health Benefits

    1. High on proteins and dietary fibre
    2. Oil and fat-free
    3. Helps in building muscle strength

    How to consume: This tasty snack can be consumed directly at any time of the day. The tasty masala adds to the taste of the soybean.


    Omay Foods Solid Soybean Snacks100% Oil Free


    90.00 ADD
  • Omay Foods Strawberry Blast with Mix Seeds and Nuts
    Omay Foods Strawberry Blast Trail Mix
    • All ingredients are roasted in rock salt
    • No oil or butter used – Zero cholesterol
    • All-natural spices used that are handpicked, shredded, crushed and blended in-house!
    • Did we say no preservatives and artificial flavors too!
  • Omay Foods Beaten Moong Snacks

    About the product:

    Omay Foods Beaten Moong (sprouts) is a fat-free snack with the goodness of moong daal. It is a roasted snack, hence it does not contain any oil. The key ingredients are Beaten Moong and rich Indian spices. 

    Health Benefits

    1. The goodness of Vitamins and Carbohydrates
    2. Fat-free snack
    3. High protein content

    How to consume: Can be consumed directly or as an accompaniment of tea or coffee. It can be consumed during any part of the day.

    Omay Foods Beaten Moong Snacks100% Oil Free,High Protein


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  • Omay Foods Potato Flakes Snacks

    About the product:

    Omay’s food brings a new healthy snacking food, the Potato Flakes. These potato flakes or wafers are roasted and not fried, hence contain no oil. These flakes are a perfect substitute for unhealthy, fried chips and are very light on the stomach. Stacked with proteins, vitamin C and carbohydrates, these potato flakes are good for digestive health.

    Health Benefits:

    1. Rich in carbohydrates
    2. Regulates digestive system
    3. Good source of vegetable starch

    How to consume: Can be consumed as a quick munchy at any time of the day, directly or as an accompaniment to tea or coffee or other beverages.

    Omay Foods Potato Flakes Snacks100% Oil Free,Vegan


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  • Omay Foods Oats & Moong Snacks
    • 100% oil free vegan snack
    • No added preservative or artificial flavors
    • All-natural spices used. Handpicked and crushed at home
    • All ingredients are roasted in rocksalt at high temperature
    Omay Foods Oats & Moong Snacks100% Oil Free


    175.00 VIEW

Calories and unhealthy food have become a nagging issue, but Omay Foods has some delicious and healthy snacking solutions. You can easily get Omay Food’s tasty ready-to-eat snacks that one can consume all day long without worrying about extra calories. Their roasted snacks are 100% oil and cholesterol-free. Their unique seeds and berries based Trail mix will surely tempt your taste buds. To buy Omay Foods products online, you can trust Wellcurve that always delivers the best at your doorsteps.

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