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Sattviko is utilizing the ancient science of Indian Superfoods to bring you super tasty food products. Their food products are made for modern-age customers to deal with their health-related issues. Their range of products includes foods and snacks that are incredibly yummy and made with the finest ingredients. From flavored makhana to chips, Sattviko has your daily carvings sorted. To get instant delivery, buy Sattviko foods online from Wellcurve at an affordable price!

What’s Different About Sattviko Products?

  1. The brand follows the Sattviko way of cooking.
  2. The Sattviko cooking preserves natural nutrients in the food.
  3. Ingredients are sourced from the best regions and are processed with modern technologies.
  4. Vegan and gluten-free snacks for people of all age groups.
  5. High in plant protein, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Sattviko Makhanas: Happiness Is Just A Pop Away!

Makhanas is a desi snack, and Indians love to have it any time of the day. Makhana is a powerhouse of nutrition, but it is often served as a fried snack in Indian households. Sattviko provides makhanas cooked in a Sattviko way that helps preserve essential nutrients and keep the product’s freshness alive.

Flavors of Sattviko Makhanas:

  • Pudina makhana
  • Peri-Peri makhana
  • Herb and cheese makhana
  • Turmeric makhana 

Beat Your Hunger And Have Sattviko Snacks For The win!

Apart from makhanas, Sattviko also provides a wide range of delicious snacks that you will fall in love with! These are perfect everyday snacks that you can consume at any time without worrying about health. It’s time to say goodbye to junk foods and processed snacks that give you nothing but a lot of calories. Instead, say yes to food that gives you the best of nutrition and taste! Sattviko namkeen is the classic example of nutrition and flavor blended together!

Sattviko Snacks Available On Wellcurve

  • Makhana Superpops
  • Gur Chana Supershots
  • Sabudana Supermeal
  • Khakhra Chips
  • Paan Raisin Superfruits

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