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Sense of 7

Sense of 7 Products Online at Best Price

Sense of 7 is a brand that stands for all the seven tastes that our taste buds sense. Interesting, right? These senses are sour, bitter, sweet, salty, spicy, umami and oleogustus. The brand aims to individually cater to each of these senses through its flavorful products! The best part is that there are no artificial chemicals and preservatives that go into the making. You can easily buy Sense of 7 dips and spreads from Wellcurve at affordable prices and get the best health and taste!

Sense of 7 Products: Spread, Scoop, Dip, Mix!

The brand offers different kinds of spreads and mixes that you can use in several recipes! It’s easy to use and also great in taste. These products can be included while making exotic dishes and are also very popular among kids!

What Makes Sense Of 7 The Best Choice?

  • The products are 100% natural
  • No use of preservatives or chemicals.
  • Handmade products are made with hand-picked ingredients.
  • No added color or additives.
  • Vegan ingredients and perfect for vegans/vegetarians.
  • The products are 100% gluten-free.

Sense Of 7 Variants On Wellcurve:

  • Tomato & olive tapenade
  • Spicy chili dip
  • Masala Chai Mix
  • Aglio olio dip

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