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Slurrp Farm aims to break the belief that packaged foods are unhealthy. The brand brings packaged food for kids that’s healthy, nutritious, and wholesome! They use premium quality ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavors, and trans fat. All the products by the brand have a made-at-home feel and are certified by pediatric nutritionists. The best part is that they reduce sugar intake in kids; they use natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery in their products. 

From kid’s cereals to snacks, Slurrp Farm has got you covered with your kid’s daily nutrition. You can easily buy Slurrp Farm products from Wellcurve at an affordable price and get amazing offers too!

Slurrp Farm Cereals: Some Serious Nutrition With a Fun Taste!

Many packaged kinds of cereal globally have a high amount of trans fat or maida in them. It’s a no-brainer that these cereals aren’t a good choice for your little one! Kids need proper nutrition but with a delightful taste to enjoy their food and finish it! Slurrp Farm brings cereals for kids made with 100% Natural ingredients and real fruits to ensure that your kid enjoys good health. 

The cereals contain no preservatives and are the perfect breakfast option for your kids before starting their day. A wholesome bowl of this cereal before sending your kid to school will get him/her ready and fully energized so that they can focus on their classes.

What Makes Slurrp Farm Different From Other Kids Food Brands?

  • The ingredients are 100% natural and no added chemicals.
  • The products are free from preservatives and trans fat.
  • The brand does not use refined sugar but only natural sweeteners.
  • No maida products make kids healthier and fitter.
  • An exciting choice of flavors for snacks and cereals makes it popular among kids.
  • 100% wholesome goodness of Ragi, Jowar, and Foxtail Millets together with real fruits and vegetables.

Super Healthy Snacks For Super-Kids!

It must be a challenge to feed your kids with the right snacks and keep them away from unhealthy processed foods. That’s where the Slurrp Farm snacks come to play! These puff snacks are not only incredibly tasty but also packed with nutrients. Natural ingredients like millet, ragi, nuts, and oats are used in the making of these snacks. In fact, the brand uses real fruits and natural sweeteners that enhance the flavor of the products naturally!

Slurrp Farm offers snacks in different flavors so that your little one gets something new every time! It’s easy for kids to get bored of a particular taste, and that is why the brand offers delicious and exciting flavors to keep your little ones hooked!

Flavors Of Slurrp Farm Ragi Puff Snacks On Wellcurve

  • Choco ragi
  • Tangy tomato
  • Cheese & Herbs
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